Most are known as Soapbox small and home-built vehicles, not motorized. Since 1973, also known as Soapbox Minicar. Soapbox also generally lightweight materials such as wood or carbon fiber. The most effective control over the front wheels via a steering pivot axis. In a rigid axle is swung in the ground, so that the vehicle is moving left or right.

The axis is tilted while in most cases by a rope. The name of the soap box is originally from the U.S.. A manufacturer of soap box had printed lies his soap box with a construction plan for children's cars. Later he supplied axles and wheels to be established and so the name "Soap Box" to German: soap box. Since 1904 in Germany drove the first official race. This is called the Soap Box Soap Box Derby. This drive, the drivers usually slightly down steep trails and try to achieve the shortest possible time. These reach a maximum speed of the Soap Box 50 km / h.

Since no autonomous Soapbox Propelled, are criteria such as rolling resistance and weight, the decisive factor for how high the maximum velocity. Another very important factor is the skill of the driver. Only if this keeps the car on the racing line, the optimal time to be achieved. Today, not only the speed and creativity is one of the construction of the soapbox. This condition is not advanced, however, be confused with the popular "Fun Races". Since few drivers themselves can take part in the race, is often also the presentation and look of the soap box rated. So it's the whole team that contributes to success, not just the driver.