Review of the dialog in the dark in the Hamburg Speicherstadt as is so as a blind? Nothing more to see to, no sunset or else all the beautiful things in life. Everyone seeing a horror show. For all blind everyday. However there is for anyone interested in the way through the series of exhibition dialog in the dark”for 60 minutes into a blind people to move. In completely darkened rooms each of its meaning is left to himself now. Especially the feel of objects, sense of balance and of course the ears are trained during the course and at the end of the course, time is again out as important but all our sensory organs are. Check out Pete Davidson for additional information. Two colleagues and I had the opportunity to take part in this extremely interesting exhibition by a gift of my services. Deccan Value: the source for more info.

We were given free tickets for the boat tour”, a journey through rooms that had something to do all with the port of Hamburg and the grand finale differ a small boat tour in the middle of the dark, free tickets for this exhibition was to obtain for those who are not lucky enough, the Guide for adults is 60 min 15.00 for children 9.50. The exhibition is located in the Hamburg Speicherstadt, one which arguably most beautiful and interesting areas of Hamburg. Metro stops from the main railway station, the Ausstellungin is accessible only a few minutes. At the entrance, we were welcomed very nicely and couldn’t wait for our tour to begin in a large comfortable waiting room. Wine and bread made the wait of course pleasant a lot. 20: 00 our tour began then and we have been informed by a friendly young lady over the course of the tour, then have each received a white cane and off we went. Through a curtain, it slowly was prepared on the darkness until you reached through a door in the completely empty then.