There are many complaints from the staff of a company in relation to the manager that this not known them to listen, not pays attention to their concerns, their ideas, that doesn’t care about hearing their views. Certainly, there are lot of truth in this, where some managers do not have determined the importance that this represents, noticing that they don’t want to change behavior in order to give way to greater attention, that allows a true integration of management with your staff and reflected in productivity, in a beneficial organizational climate. You forget, that elders of the Administration is the need to influence and change the behavior of others, without cause conflicts, nor impair the harmony, achievement of a good organizational behavior. Listen to, shows that we care about the other person and is a way of establishing a good relationship. In addition it can be useful when troubleshooting very convenient is that good manager knows to listen actively to show understanding, which provides support to knowledge that their thoughts, feelings and experience are interesting enough, for someone devote their time and energy to hear what Bernard Rosembaun, (How to motivate todays Wworker’ Sao, 1982), points out in this regard, that active listening is the ability to capture, define and respond appropriately to the feelings that express other personnel; learning to listen really, without interrupting or projecting the own opinion and the ego. If an employee this angry and frustrated, the superior listening actively can download anger and channel it toward an activated behavior. It is necessary that management become aware of how he acts when their employees want to communicate something, be surprised at their reactions, emotions, behavior, have present the following points: promote the good relationship between employee and supervisor stimulate employees to provide solutions, submit their concerns, ideas, discover their own solutions. Pay attention to the person, motivating them to explain their ideas, to collaborate with them.