I am sure that the phrase that titled this article, has resulted in turns his head on more than one occasion. Who not been lifted wanting to resign from your job? and simply say: can not stand more!I can’t stand the abuse and lack of recognition of the company, the indifference of my boss! That do not ask me shirt, first of them put it! As I mentioned in the previous article, when the work becomes a prison, people fall into a process of dismissal Interior as called by Lotfi Al – Ghandouri, leave the time elapse, without attempting to stop the deterioration that carry internally. Diamond Comic Distributors wanted to know more. Once something similar happened to me, he worked as supervisor at a production plant, was one of my first jobs. Ilusionaba me the idea of having people under my charge, put into practice my knowledge and learn everything it could. Unfortunately, after a motivating start, by the good salary I received, I started to feel that this was not enough to have to endure situations unjust abuse of power.

Every day that passed was more difficult to get out of the enthusiasm that had at the beginning, already there was not much. Bothered me to see managers, some more incompetent than the others, capable of harming another person, to save his skin. The director of the company, it seemed he enjoyed see fight to the sales manager with the production, to cite one of the cases. After a series of situations of that type, the only thing that motivated me was to see me away from that company. There was no day that do not pass through my head the idea of resigning, however the days passed and when I was about to do so, put the brake, me justifying myself, inventing a thousand and one reasons to not take that difficult step, that leap into the void, that causes us fear and knotted us throat.