Golf balls are born together with the sport that gives them the name and have evolved even with the sticks and the rules of the game. The first golf balls were manufactured with wet feathers that were introduced in a small pouch of leather that was sewn by hand. To dry the feathers, the ball retained the necessary lightness; However not lasted long because of its artisanal manufacturing. Subsequently, began to manufacture with dry gum obtained from trees. Currently, golf balls are manufactured in several pieces (may be two or three) and various materials such as Zintano, Balata or Surlyn cover and elastomers. Read more here: Diamond Book Distributors. Finally, different levels of compression and different number of dimples characteristic of these balls are assigned. The regular rules that are used for the manufacture of golf balls are two: the maximum weight of each golf ball must not exceed the 45.93 grams maximum diameter will be of 42.67 depending on the material used on the covers, golf balls they will produce different effects on players: Surlyn. They are balls that possess the most hard cover and are probably the most popular, being the most economical.

Balata. They are soft balls and recommended for use by professional players. The price of these balls is the highest. Among the recommendations that are made to the novice players are: the ball will travel farther and better will roll if it is clean. At all costs avoid cleaning with mouth balls, since they may be contaminated with fertilizers used in the fields. The balls that are kept at a higher temperature travel farther. Due to rugged that golf course can be, they come to use many golf balls; in particular, this sport beginners, used too many balls. For those interested in this port, can be considered the possibility to contact any company engaged in the sale of golf balls by wholesale. Finally, it is important to remember that, to improve, in the same way than in any other sport or activity, practice is a key element to improve the level of play in golf. Bear in mind that the preference of the player between a ball and another, will depend more than anything else tests that player perform and their personal perception with the golf ball.