The evolution of a structure of values is the essential element in all strong culture companies. The culture is stronger, richer and more complex the system of values and the longer the sequence of evidence that these values are actually results. T. A. Deal Kennedy is stressed out, that organizations have a mission to achieve and that their leaders must ensure performance objectives set, and providing feedback when necessary and enforce and realize value. Not surprisingly, that comment, that all leaders have one thing in common: they have realized that his people need a value system to continue to match their own beliefs and personal principles. Just in organizations, people also need a sense of common purpose or direction. Leadership plays a key role in establishing these two important aspects of working life.

Hence, the value system of the organization shapes the leader creating a philosophy. The leader feels a deep commitment to this philosophy and gives life through his values and convictions. Did the way you do? Have you been watching this? Are you worried about achieving good values within your organization? What are you doing to make their appearance constantly, giving way to a good organizational climate? Do not forget that the staff of the organization is identified with the established values and experiences a sense of accomplishment of belonging. People feel they are working for the good of the organization and his own, therefore it is suggested to encourage them to motivate them, engage them. Shared values and common purpose come together to create a sense of mission within the organization.