Gems Worth … hear the word, and before our mind's eye appear piles of sparkling rainbow gems. Perhaps the world does not find the person who would have remained indifferent to this amazing creations of nature. Perfection, a riot of color and light play in the mysterious depths of the gems fascinate. Surely they were created by nature with a particular intent. Some even believe that the precious stones encrypted deepest knowledge about ourselves and our universe.

People from time immemorial in a special treat for precious stones and even saw them alive. The stones are not only used as talismans and amulets, but also been the subject of worship. It was believed that they represent the heart of the sun and moon, light and heat. No wonder the fabulous "Mountain Gem" guarded by mythical serpents, dragons or monsters, guests from other worlds. And only in the Ural mountain guardian tales of wealth was Mistress of Copper Mountain. Perhaps the appearance of this female character due to the fact that the gems are always attracted to confident women, regardless of their age and position in society. A semi-precious stones, in turn, attracted the attention of those who wore them. It is no wonder that appeared and became popular adage "Diamonds – a girl's best friend." The validity of this statements can be verified by personal experience. Try to give your girl a ring or diamond earrings, and see for yourself as soon as this gift is a favorite of its decoration.