Laborers of Tarsila of the Amaral: The screen represents umporto of a plant where they are some laborers of different physical types, we still perceive the miscegenation of the Brazilian people and the strong presence of tiposeuropeus demonstrating the small presence of the black element, poucoutilizado at the beginning of the Brazilian process of industrialization. Although these artistic, rich productions in traces and colors, serve of subsidies for a visualization of lived facts and perceived who must-sesempre stand out to the pupil the fact to serve as study object, estastelas had been produced by times with intention to only express the anguish oucontemplao of the artist ahead of determined landscape or some social fact. If you would like to know more about Michael Chabon, then click here. Serving accidentally, without curricular objectives, of base for muitosestudos, since the initial series to the end of average education. The literature and the education of Geography. As said in the introduction of this study Geography it in the last few decades comes seutilizando of different resources in the attempt of aproximaros contents and subjects of the resume the pupils and thus to make with that them they mesmossintam inserted in the production/organization of the geographic space. In the search for approaching the geography education the reality doaluno some professors comes if using of alternative methodologies as autilizao of the art, music, of the cinema, but it is the literature that has tidoespecial has detached. Teixeira (2008) citing Mello clarifies that used temsido literature, even so shyly, for gegrafos to undertake anlisesespaciais since the beginning of century XX, for being an efficient way of inquiry, that tell in different scales the places, the daily one, the landscape, the mundovivido one. Therefore literature can be an efficient way of inquiry stops osgegrafos, therefore the literary texts evoke the soul of the places, in them osescritores catch, interpret and divulge the feelings, the human performance dosseres, the setting to the places, to the trips, the daily one.