Viktor S. Abakumov (April 1908, Moscow – 12.19.1954, Leningrad), one of the leaders of national security, the Commissioner of Public Safety 2-rank (02/04/1943), Colonel-General (09/07/1945). Fireman's son. Education received a 4-city school classroom. On 05.12.1938 was to serve as the beginning. Administration of the NKVD in the Rostov region. Led the organization of mass repression in Rostov-on-Don. Abakumov methods became widely known primarily due to its extreme, even for investigators GUGB, cruelty.

Later, with postings deputy. People's Commissar (Minister) and Minister Abakumov, distinguished by their great physical strength, he continued personally to lead the interrogations, during which personally beat up suspects. In 1942-1946 years. – Head of the Red Army counter-intelligence SMERSH. Controlled almost all of Soviet espionage and terror network overseas. In October 1946 he was appointed minister of state Soviet security. In order to understand why the general was shot Abakumov, have a closer look at the situation in the Kremlin in the highest echelons of power in the early 50s of the twentieth century.

On the one hand, this aging leader of "all nations", not trusting been anyone, not even the closest companions, on the other – two groups who dream of power, who fear each other and watching each other. This is Beria and Khrushchev and his supporters from other members politburo. Everyone feels approximation end "reign" and every fears for their fate realizing that parish opposite grouping to power will mean political or may physical destruction rival that subsequently happened Beria etc. Gen. Abakumov showed in this period shortsightedness, explainable his education or traits – he remained sincerely faithful leader.