You learn it gradually and thoroughly, no matter how many times a week you learn. Most importantly you go through all these “building blocks of knowledge.” In the second example, an ice slide, a very important intensity in the approach to language learning. John Mclaughlin does not necessarily agree. Ran a run up the hill – you can assume your tongue, do not – you will always pull over and slipping in their knowledge and skills to zero. Star Guitarist is likely to agree. So for 100 occupations, broken down into stages, you are on the “ice hump” is not will advance one iota, slipping one place. So, a thousand times by touching the door is closed, we can neither polscheli not open it, and only mustered strength and courage, putting together all the efforts to push it and it opens. Language – it is not science, it is impossible to learn how to teach a certain amount of material. It would be much more accurate to say that just getting used to the language and learn, get used to use it as a means of communication. Therefore, even rather would not speak “language learning”, and “language acquisition.” Development of compliance with certain mode of “training”, like medical procedures, should be ready for that language must be given at least two hours a day, every day per day, from month to month. The language is necessary, if I may say so, get used to, try to do it, if not part of your life, then at least provide some space in his soul.

So, in other words, if the question “Are you daily deal? “, you answer that,” Yes, time is not very much of course, but I will try somehow to find time a little. ” In such a nelly better not start because of language study will advance you one iota, buksuya in one place. Language acquisition can not be stretched, it can not learn for several years (as it is trying to do at school), but it is quite possible to learn for a year of intensive training. You can approach the issue of language learning, so called stages. Such as immersed in the language within a month or two, which is called the “head”, and after doing a month break. That is, if you begin to learn language, and then abandoned, then all will be forgotten very quickly. While as the development of a language that you do stormed, held in memory for a long time. Can forget the spoken language, but it is easily restored with a new practice.

The certificate is valid for two years. The main feature of the examination is that it is based on American English, so passing the TOEFL is necessary to understand the lexical and grammatical subtleties that distinguish American English from British English. The test consists of four parts: listening comprehension skills test, test writing skills, reading and reading comprehension. Computer and written versions of the test are absolutely equal and no different, despite the fact that they are measured at different scales. Written version of the exam is held only once or twice a year.

Computer-based test can be taken on any working day, all year long. IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is required for learning, work, or for immigration purposes. Recognized academic institutions and immigration authorities of Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Canada and America. There are two versions of IELTS, often referred to as "modules". Academic (Academic) module is required if you want to pursue higher education abroad. Common Module (General Training) is suitable for those who plans to live and work in other countries. The test also consists of four parts: listening comprehension, grammar, reading and writing. Passing the exam is possible each calendar month, the results of IELTS ready for 13 days after delivery.

Results of delivery are valid for 2 years. The cost varies from region to region, which took the exam, and can range from 6 to 10 thousand rubles. TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) – a test that assesses the English proficiency of those non-native speakers. This test lets you check the knowledge and skills necessary for everyday communication in English in the workplace, and confirms the ability of staff to work in international business environment. About 2000 companies in Europe and other major international organizations use the TOEIC test when recruiting new staff, as well as evaluating the effectiveness of training programs for English language. TOEIC – a two-hour written test, which contains 200 questions. The test is divided into 2 sections: listening and reading.