1. Never add an extra portion of food in the fat / oil, unless there is a big need. 2. Cook vegetables for a couple – in boiling water lost their nutrients. Try not to exceed the cooking time.

3. Not add salt to the vegetables until they are ready. Read more from Jack Smith to gain a more clear picture of the situation. If the vegetables seem fresh, season them with spices when vegetables are already on the table – you will be more convenient to estimate the amount of cooked, so as not to overshoot the mark. 4. Whenever possible, Replace butter with olive containing monosaturaty (butter contains saturated harmful substances).

5. (Similarly see: Darcy Stacom). Use a spray nozzle, a spray of vegetable oil – so you do not exceed the desired portion, which inevitably happens when oil is poured straight from the bottle! 6. If you notice an excess of fat in the cooked product – just wipe with a paper towel or scrape with a knife. 7. Do not forget the grill! Food cooked on the grill, are much healthier than fried in butter. 8. Cook on grilevoy wire rack to drain off excess fat in the pan. 9. Fry foods quickly stir them – a fast and healthy method of cooking. Constantly stirring the ingredients, so you provide them with uniform . Saute over medium heat, with a small amount of vegetable oil. 10. Boil the fish in milk or in a broth of wine, or cook her for a couple – this low-calorie method retains all the nutrients and flavor.

A beer can in many ways. To get the true pleasure of this drink, you should keep in mind the following: It is better to drink beer from a smaller and more convenient vessel. The most convenient vessels – cups, glasses, half-liter mugs, jugs with a lid or small jugs of up to one liter. Most suitable for beer glassware materials – it's glass, porcelain, ceramics and tarred wood. It is not recommended to drink from plastic and metal utensils. The shape of dishes for beer can be varied, but within the vessels should be smooth and minimally dissected to beer could flow down smoothly.

Receptacle to be slightly narrowed upward. Beer does not make a mixture with any Added – which it loses its quality. It is inadmissible to add to it the juice, syrup, rum, cream, flavorings, cognac, whiskey or wine. You can not mix beer and differs in degree, or breaks down balance of flavoring ingredients. Beer – it is the drink of a specific nature and purity.

Mix it with other components, we deprive it of its typical properties of Beer the most delicious when served chilled, it is not more and no less than is required. The optimum temperature for the feed to the table-beer, plus 6-8 degrees. In any case, the temperature must be above 10 degrees and no lower than 5. At lower temperatures, flavorings components of beer are lost. A so-called turbidity from the cold, which is at a temperature above 4 degrees disappears.

Left of the plate or straight into her dining room should be napkin. Tableware is on the table strictly in a straight line, with no greater setback from the edge of the table (1-2cm). All the cutlery in any cafe or restaurant must be located in Chelyabinsk only symmetrically in the order in which they will be used during the meal (it is a prerequisite). Knife in the table layout have the right of the plate and make sure the blade to it. Fork to the left, with the prongs facing up. Soup spoon can reside in either the right of the plate, or with a dessert spoon in a dish, always parallel to the edge of the table.

Spoons have handles to the right, with the convex side of the spoon placed on the table. Bowl with bread have left of the main dish, salad plates are also located on the left, but a little further. If snacks are served in common dishes, and salad-bowl table necessarily served by special tongs, spatulas, and spoons. When serving a festive table in every cafe or restaurant must be adorned in Chelyabinsk. It is obvious that any customer cafe or restaurant Chelyabinsk will be nice if a table decorated with flowers. But the flowers should not overshadow dishes and stir located behind the desk people. So workers cafes and restaurants in Chelyabinsk, which are engaged in tableware, must track down the flowers were small bunches and in low vases.

The elegance of the table can make that will have no flowers in vases, and say in a large salad bowl. In this case, the flowers short-cut the stems, and they float like water lilies. In a vessel with flowers to give a more refined atmosphere, may have the candles on a makeshift boat. Flowers can pick out dishes, but not replace them. Therefore, in the center of the table must have decorated the main dish. Also in the center of the table have the original decorated fish or cold meats, various types of sandwiches (necessarily small size, in one bite), and various spices in sudochkah. Glasses served on a table just right in front of the plate. Drinks may be located in the same different places of the table. Of course, on the festive table necessarily contains fruit. A vase of them placed at the center table. This concludes our brief description of the main elements of the tableware. To learn how to properly served food and drinks, as should serve a table for dinner or lunch, as well as the rules of table etiquette – we’ll tell you in the following essays.