Misha eventually became smarter, choosing the location is not so obvious (on the floor directly in front of the room, the chandelier at the flower stand). Problem gradually became more complicated: Bear hiding behind net curtains on the window sill (limited visibility), only one head looked out over some object (partially visible). Ran into an adjacent room and, despite the fact that the toy was clearly visible, the child had to increase psychological boundaries and to focus attention beyond initially given search area, that is, to overcome the already existing stereotypes of perception. With this turn of events the game has become to acquire value as a tool for development not only of perception, attention and is arbitrary, but as a form of psychological flexibility of the child. Further, this game is developed on ways to reduce the size of objects to find and use is not quite the usual placement of objects in space.

My fantasy faded away, but come autumn, and our game was moved to Russian expanses of forest. My son and daughter turned into a mushroom. Yaroslav was then 1,5 year. Sometimes, I first noticed the fungus and demonstrably tried to pass. But there it was.

Son stopped me crying: "Daddy, flexible!". Well, on my genuine pleasure and well-deserved pride, because he was in a situation in which could become even competent father. Now this game to develop not only cognitive processes of the child, but his self-esteem. True, according to psychologists, the formation of "self – concept, and, consequently, self-evaluation as part of it only starts to 3 years. When the mushrooms in forest retreated, we began using the game "Mushrooms in a meadow." A unique toy! Not without reason, she won a gold medal at the competition "Best Children's Products of 2005". In the play set includes mushrooms and stand with peg-penechkami, to which these mushrooms and dressing. When all the mushrooms are hidden, stand empty and we can see all the "stumps". In the process of finding mushrooms child puts them on the pegs. Not only can you visually assess how many fungi have been found, how much is still left to find, but find this number, to correlate with the total sum. While we develop our mathematical ability, do not forget about the formation of ideas about the value of items. "Show me a little Mushroom "- shows Says:" A little. " "Show more" – also copes well. "And this is what?" – Showing his middle. It is still a scientific puzzle for the child, the joy of discovery that still lies ahead. So our game continues to develop and modernize further. Maybe learn how to find objects with their eyes closed or while in another city. The joke, of course, but so far, and I and my son interested in playing it, it will evolve unplanned our scenario, spontaneously. Spontaneity – one of the major differences between the male approach to the game with your child. Why men are rarely planned development of the game, but more often follow the course of events and their desires and child? Yes, because the man in the game becomes even more, but a child. By the way, than he is older, the better he gets this identification. He imbued the spirit of the game, is keen on getting not only enjoy the process, but and benefit. This spontaneity, sincere dedication and commitment to move the process of leading the game in her party, makes a man's best friend a child. Well, Mom, meanwhile always remains mum. Loving, custodial, good, the best mother on earth.

All the changes facing our children generate us doubts and anxieties. One of them is the transition from crib to bed. We wonder when would be, if it involves some danger for our son, etc. Verizon Big Concert for Small Business is likely to increase your knowledge. Here are some suggestions that can help us in making this decision. Once baby starts to take its first steps, you will experience a much larger movement freedom, which will be reflected in a greater curiosity for other things and other places in the House, up to the point of being able to leave him alone in his crib. It is therefore its development which promote change from crib to bed.

A change that rule, usually takes place at the two or two and half years, or when the child feels that the crib has no much space to make him fall asleep and overreach. Many children, especially those who have older brothers, tend to take this big step even before the two years, by the simple desire to imitate his older brother. Other children, on the other hand, although they like to be in large beds as the of their parents, and even to accept the idea of going to sleep in a bed just for him, are reluctant to get out of the crib. This is a very normal reaction. Additional information is available at idt energy. In our BANANA store we offer cribs that turn into beds and even in transitional beds, which is a very good option for this stage. When choosing the bed for your child, there are diverse options, but it is important to consider some tips for your safety, as for example: bed has no sharp corners that may do harm to the child, which in bed being positioned a banister in one or the two sides, to prevent the child runs the risk of falling and that between the bed and mattress are not spaces where the child You can tighten a hand or a foot. During the stage of change from crib to bed or bed of transition, parents feel fear that our son from falling, will knock and you go walking up to our room. If it’s a house in which there are ladders, it is indispensable to take all necessary security measures so that the child does not hurt.

It is also important that there are no any object on the road that can trip and hurt yourself. If the child is accustomed to sleeping in his bedroom, and wakes up for some reason, he will cry or call your parents. Fundamental in this situation is that parents always attend the child’s room and not take the child to the parents bedroom. If child is still sleeping in the parents bed and are thinking about doing the balusters to the crib or pass it on to a bed, it is not the best time to do so. First we should pass it on to your crib, accustomed to let sleep there and once trained to sleep in place, you can pass it is to bed or bed of transition. When the decision is made, must convey to our son joy because it is higher and is already in age of sleeping in a bed. That day you can organize a party to celebrate the big change.

Do not forget that gift certificates are not only in shops. Take care of health and leisure throughout families, presenting them with "from Santa" subscribe to the swimming pool or fitness center for the whole winter. Agreeing with the administration of the classroom, the long winter evenings, your friends or relatives will stay in shape and receive recharge and positive. Afraid that in such a gift is too much good and a little exotic? Well, you can give the impression of a family, with each year becoming more popular. Tea ceremony has a more than the original and unusual gift. Tickets for the Japanese or Chinese ceremony – a great gift for those who are fond of Eastern culture or, conversely, is planning to join her.

However, like them, and those who just loves tea and vibrant spectacle. Effectively furnished action, couched in national traditions, accompanied by an interesting story, and tasting of different teas and memorable to children and adults. And how many impressions can donate winter fun in the fresh frosty air! Giving a gift on New Year's Eve with friends or relatives or sleighs snoutyub- for everyone in the family, you present sea of emotions throughout the snowy winter. As fun to fly down a hill on a sled, feeling the burden of care, accumulated over the week, it remains somewhere behind my back! This holiday is not worse than the longing for summer and warm weather will not come into the house where the winter spend happily and actively.

To construct good blog, is not to enter blogger and creating one. The majority of the failures is in not knowing exactly which is the final mission that is persecuted. Many think that with creating blog with Google and placing it in the finders already it is all the work done, and forget all type details, among others that blog must be focused to the reading and to obtain that reader is faithful and returns. Therefore to create blog is a work more complicated than all that and entails a series of norms that never we must forget like the certainty and the dedication. US Senator from Vermont addresses the importance of the matter here. To define the objectives of ours clearly blog, would have of being the first work to raise to us and before to even create nothing, we could take to a notebook and a ball-point pen and write all those things that happen through our head. This way we will be able better to focus as they are the ideas that we have and to be organizing them little by little. On the case of this blog, the idea bases was to construct something related to making money with blog, as its own name indicates, basically dedicated to make money with programs of affiliates, marketing, platforms and everything what it had relation with these subjects. When I began to create the idea, the truth is that he was not nothing clear among others things because the subjects that treat here are diverse and although they have relation with others, are very extensive and arrived at a certain point it went away complicando in such a way that there was to identify by categories all the subjects that it deals with. On the other hand, I have a very great fan of possibilities of creating diverse subjects and when I do not write of one I write of another one, so for me he is funnier of that way. First that I did it was to define the subject as already I said previously, to make money with blog, the second step it was to write the idea in a paper and to define the possible categories that could include, as they were I went many it limiting a few generals and later little by little I include diverse subjects in each of them. Aid for your blog first steps Original author and source of the article.