It is known that alcohol can cause poison structural changes in the body. With prolonged use of alcohol (alcoholism) regenerate tissues and are observed to atrophy, most notably manifested in the brain. The brain is much more affected by the action of alcohol than other organs. This is explained by several factors. First, the blood supply to the brain about 16 times higher blood supply to the limbs, hence alcohol poisoning of the brain tissue is faster and stronger. Second, in the human brain alcohol is oxidized in 4000 (!) Times slower than in the liver. Read additional details here: Ultra Wellness Center. As a result, alcohol is concentrated in brain cells to one months.

Thus, using alcohol, a man every time incapacitate thousands of active brain cells. Even the drinkers in the 'moderate' doses at autopsy revealed the whole graveyard of dead cells – 'Wrinkled brain phenomenon'. Found that even a mug of beer causes structural changes in the body. How does the death of brain cells? First is atrophy of the cerebral hemispheres and cerebellum, tension and desolation of their cortex in connection with the death of cortical neurons. In 85% of 'moderate drinking' and 95% of alcoholics marked decrease in the cerebral cortex. In parallel, a decline of mental abilities. .

But changing the structure of the brain, deterioration of mental activity occurs already at 'moderate' alcohol consumption. According to American scientists, the use of alcohol at a dose of 200.0, the 'dry' wine drinker suppress intelligence by 18 – 20 days. Thus, if people drink twice a month, then it means that his intellect is always reduced, which is especially dangerous for persons of intellectual labor (researchers, managers, etc.). Receive 40 grams of alcohol increases the number of errors in 6 times account deteriorated by almost 10%, estimated duration of time intervals for more than 50%. Particularly severely affected by exposure to alcohol female brain: German scientists have proved that all things being equal in age, complexion, the number of drunk female brain is affected in alcohol for more than two times faster than the male. Even more serious is the effect of alcohol on the brain of children and adolescents. Characteristic of adolescence is that the young brain at the age of 20 is different from the adult brain in response to information received. The young brain is designed to learn. He is in the process of establishing these links between nerve cells. Alcohol disrupts this function. The effect of alcohol on adolescent stronger than an adult and have an impact on the brain in the future.