2. We are more aware of possible dangers or potential boycotts to what we do. 3. It is easier to avoid the sadness or boredom that sometimes gives us the routine. 4 It gives an opportunity to reconsider our intention in most relevant respects. Obviously, if we can improve what we do every day, our lives will improve.

That is why the intention is so important. Let’s put a small practical example: am preparing weekly menu for home. If I am clear at the beginning that my intention is that the meals are balanced and healthy, surely dishes that meet these characteristics will be occur me. If I’m doing it in a hurry simply because is it is more comfortable to have the menu in advance thought, and is only one work, it is possible that the first options occurring to me are not the healthiest, but more like that or the easiest to prepare. The quality of intent that we put in what we do depends on the quality of the result. Let’s look at another example also usual (unless any of my readers have made a vow of chastity), but more enjoyable: our intention when we make love. Behind the obvious reasons for having an intimate with our partner encounter, as we prepare, we can clearly define an intention; for example, that there is also a union-wide soul, and an energy synchronization.

The meeting then becomes an instrument to strengthen the union of the couple, which becomes more interesting and more transcendent. Or that the event is the longest of the year. In this case, it is not so transcendent, but it is more fun (transcendence can be overrated). Often, we are in the position to make decisions or do something that is not part of our daily routine, but which determines how our life is going to develop.