Approximately 4% of the respondents rented a villa or cottage. Long holiday cottage is gradually giving positions to foreign travel, but the weekends outside the city are still popular in the segment of the middle class. The most popular destination among foreign travel are Turkey, Egypt, Bulgaria and other traditional routes traveling on a budget. Almost 13% middle-class holiday in these countries in 2007. An interesting fact is that the proportion of visited countries in Western Europe decreased compared with 2006, from 4% to 2.8%. Decline in popularity in the rest of Western Europe in the segment the middle class due to appreciation of the euro against the ruble.

Travel to South-East Asia can afford, mainly representatives of high-yielding groups. With respect to the cost of expenses related to recreation and tourism, it was noted that in 2007 per household of the middle class spent on leisure and travel an average of 31,150 rubles. This is 11% more than in 2006, when tourism expenditure per household of the middle class accounted for about 28,120 rubles. The main factor affecting the travel expenditures of households of the middle class, is profitable. Thus, due to higher revenues, Muscovites often prefer long, more expensive hiking trails than other regions. This explains the relatively high cost metropolitan middle-class households in the tourism and leisure. Average number of days of vacation a representative average class in 2007 was 22 days, which is 2 days less than in 2006.

In addition, the share of medium-sized Russian, no rest for the year in 2007 increased by 2 percentage points compared with 2006. In an age perspective, the number of vacation days depending on the level of employment in Groups. Maximize the employment of "core" of the middle class (31-40 years) rested less than the others – only 21 days per year. Young people aged under 23 years of vacationing in an average of 24 days, and the older age group – 23 days. Women allowed themselves in the past year an average of 2 days of rest than men. This difference is related to the level of employment, which is slightly higher in the male group. Representatives high-yielding groups compared with the low-yielding and afford more leisure in 2007. As for the rest, the 2008 holiday cottages on the plan to significantly fewer people than it actually did in 2007. Desires off on holiday abroad is always greater than the actual situations of their implementation. This effect has been observed for over 7 years. In fact, planning to rest for the next year, respondents say the refusal of stay in the country in favor of trips to the nearest resort countries: Egypt, Turkey, Bulgaria and others. The share of vacation planning in these countries in 2008 and a half times more than those who rested there in 2007. Of course, this does not mean that the tourism market for these lines grow in proportion to the statements of the respondents.

Hammocks are the perfect “place for recreation. In Brazil, widespread woven hammocks, which, incidentally, contrary to stereotypes, is still more popular than wicker. Woven hammocks surpass hurdle in many respects. Firstly, they are much stronger, sometimes they can hold up to five people! Yes, do not be surprised, there are some, family, hammocks. Secondly, they are much easier: they can arbitrarily long time to sleep and fall down, not thinking about that then your back muscles will ache and hurt. Third, they are very reliable: they can be put to bed, even a child without fear that while sleeping, he accidentally falls.

There are even special hammocks for babies who are suspended in crib. As you can see, the hammock can be an excellent purchase and gift, for example, for married couples. And indeed for anyone to be nice to hang a hammock somewhere in the country and soak for an hour or two. In addition, Brazilian hammocks are also very beautiful. On the canvas (and made it, by the way, from 100% cotton) may be different woven patterns. Most often, of course, is different traditional Indian ornaments. Colors for these patterns carefully chosen, and this is followed not only the weavers but special artists. Particular attention in the manufacture of the hammock, paid fringe. Hammock without fringe in Brazil is considered a “hammock for the poor.” Fringe is still manufactured manually from the Brazil nut.

Silk, half-silk, wool This you with a guarantee not find anywhere else: each thing is unique, because it – manual work. And do not be embarrassed if the manufacturer carpet – any factory. And the carpets, and gold embroidery (on which below), even at the factory are made by hand. Gold and silver embroidery, which is famous , too beautiful unique gift. Connect with other leaders such as John Mclaughlin here.

Articles embroidered with gold can be very different: from the curtains and wall panels to ochechnikov and tiny needle bed. But those who are fascinated oriental flavor, can purchase items of national dress – from the rich embroidered robes to skullcaps. Handmade fabric. The finest silk, multicolored -atlas (which has nothing to do with the rough ‘eastern’ motley that you can see in our stores), and semi-silk velvet, as well as finished products: scarves, shawls, dresses – in big cities have design studios, where sew clothes, combining oriental flavor with modern cutting. Star Guitarist does not necessarily agree. This you will not find anywhere else! Engraved and etched glassware: graceful narrow-necked jugs – kumgany, trays, bowls and more. This East! However, I want to prevent: many of these products – from the blackened brass or copper.

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