The same applies to a forest purchase price below EUR 2.556. 2. notary costs when purchasing forest is a forest real estate, purchase a forest according to a real estate purchase. The signature of the contract must be imperative therefore BGB before a notary. Notary costs when purchasing forest about 1.5 percent of the purchase price. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Author on most websites. Forest buyer must bear the notary costs, if not the Division of notary costs between seller and buyer agreed when purchasing forest. The notary required advance following information why you necessarily previously must sit some time with the purchase of a forest with him in connection to the preparation of forest contract: addresses and dates of birth of the seller’s and buyer’s name of the municipal area, corridor and parcel number of the forest plot size in square metres price per square meter and forest purchase total information on rental or lease conditions information about the mode of payment of the purchase price.

Up to the notary on the purchase of forest, the notary will check the land registry information. This, he explains, if the seller of actual forest owner is and whether it is unencumbered by mortgaging. To keep as low as possible notarial costs and real estate transfer tax when purchasing forest, forest seller and buyer agreed in the past sometimes, in the official contract a lower sum instead of the real forest purchase price to employ. This is punishable by law. There is also the danger that you get at a big difference of the notarial purchase price to the traffic value problems with the IRS. 3. a Verwaltungsgebuhrvon is when purchasing forest at the competent municipality other administration costs when purchasing forest for certificate issuing on non-exercise or the non-existence of a right of first refusal right approximately 25 euro. II. annual costs are the non-recurring costs when purchasing forest after forest purchase amounting to its relatively fixed by about five percent or six point five percent.

Comparison of consequential costs when purchasing forest the Bonn forest investments provider ForestFinance offers forest purchase-Moglichkeit in Panama since 1995. Frequently, prospective buyers questions in addition to the pure purchase price after the forest purchase essential costs in Germany and Panama what are the differences. Following a discussion of the incidental and consequential costs: I. a one-time cost when buying forest in Germany the largest blocks of costs when purchasing forest are in addition to the purchase price the cost of the notary and the land transfer tax. Both taken together make sure that to be expected additional costs with the purchase of a forest in Germany circa 5.5 and 6.5 percent, respectively. 1 real estate transfer tax when purchasing forest the real estate transfer tax when purchasing forest in Germany is already 4.5 to 5 percent currently in most federal countries. Only in southern Germany is currently at 3.5 per cent of the forest purchase price, Baden-Wurttemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate have already decided the increase to 5 percent. Since 2006, the provinces must set the tax rate itself.

The Real estate transfer tax is an exclusive control of the country. Since the provinces have few direct tax revenues, is to be expected in the medium term more payable when purchasing forest. Also in the EU, the real estate transfer tax in the average is higher. The real estate transfer tax in Germany when purchasing forest must be worn by the buyer. It is due within a few weeks after the notary, after the announcement of the tax assessment notice. The forest land buyer may then entered in the land register if he submits a certificate of the competent tax office about the payment. “” When the land transfer by death, donation or purchase by relatives in a straight line, so father son “or grandfather to grandson”, the tax accounts for.