For many, it is no secret that the final form of flooring accessories. From these accessories depend final winning or losing a visual form the laminated floor. Specialists in floor coating of flooring accessories are the following types: baseboard; connecting profiles (the nut), isolation (hidden accessory), adhesives, sealants, built-in floor lamps and various lighting. On this basis, we includes about six species of accessories for laminate flooring and other flooring. According to many companies in Russia, about 65-70% of the market of accessories for flooring is a plinth, 18-21% – isolation, and up to 10% accounted for the rest of accessories to the floor.

All of the above described accessories suitable for almost any type of floor covering, but differ in cost, material structure and functional capacity. From the quality of sex made a decisive choice of a customer enhancement. In connection with the above stated, we note a trend that directly affects the production of accessories for laminate floors. The Russian market Flooring is very diverse and in some respects can be very different from European and, in some, very similar. The underlying factor in this population may be the ability to buy some form of flooring, which plays an important and decisive role in the market not only laminate flooring and all types of flooring. Therefore, the proposal focuses on what people can afford to buy.

Despite that the product is more expensive in Europe than in Russia, the ability of people to buy in Europe earlier, but at much lower housing prices, and therefore more money remains in circulation. In Europe, people can afford to spend three and more times more money than in Russia. In Europe there is a trend toward more natural and environmentally friendly product, and it greatly affects the market for flooring accessories in Europe, where they are most often made from veneered materials, as repeat the texture and color of floor covering. Therefore, in Europe very well buy such accessories that can create a visual picture of the finished floor, and their functional load for European consumer does not really matter. This is because in Europe the construction of facilities, sockets, wires and other "hidden" in the wall and the baseboard is attached directly to the wall, having an aesthetic appearance, and Russia usually hide plinth with the cable channel or in any other, ie without complications with the placement of the wiring. Many experts argue strongly that today in Russia there is a tendency to make just get the color of flooring – laminate. Also, the European consumer is largely preferred laminate 21, 22 and 23 of the class, not 31, 32 and 33 class, as in Russia. It is determined that the buyer pays in Europe more attention to the new collection of laminate and the relevance of colors and textures at the moment, and clearly follows fashion trends in flooring, which vary from year to year. Therefore, European buyers prefer to buy laminate flooring of a lower class (21, 22 and 23 class) and then change it to a new 2-3 years. For European customers more important to have in place a fashionable and beautiful floor, rather than the more expensive and durable laminate, as like we have in Russia.

You’ll notice that almost all companies to whom we turned for advice were reputable clients: the Kremlin, the Tretyakov Gallery, the large banks, famous theaters (Mariinsky, BDT, at the Foundry Theater.) The quality of work produced by the St. Petersburg companies, both in terms of designers, and from the point of fire in Japan, Belgium and other countries at an appropriate level. Sales and production work if manufacturers in St. Petersburg, only four (of course, if someone is not hidden), the vendors – so much more. Firstly there are companies – dealers of foreign companies. Example – JSC “Finncolor”, selling products in Russia, an old Finnish company. Second, the St. Petersburg manufacturers have their own dealers (though almost all of them are for outside of St.

Petersburg and Leningrad region). Third, in St. Petersburg, there are specialty shops of fire safety products (one of them is on Moskovsky prospect 136), trading in particular, lacquers and paints). Finally, many stores selling building products and economic, have begun to offer buyers of flame retardants. For example, store “Maxidom” sells products of JSC “Morning.” As for the production work, here, said Sergei Simakov as: “The account number in the millions.” Of course, this is an exaggeration, but … Sergei Tsvetkov: ‘To our knowledge, the last year, about 250 companies have licensed the right to produce papers. Another thing that received the license is not evidence that the company is doing something.

Decided what to get – got it. Maybe they treated two square meters a year. “

When purchasing an apartment, you sometimes can not arrange the layout of premises. Then, as a rule being overhauled flats and redevelopment. To a large extent it has received wide circulation in old homes. Prior to the redevelopment of premises need to legalize them, having received permission. For this to go through the approval procedure of redevelopment in the administration, such as architectural and planning management, fire control, SES, DES and the Housing Inspectorate. When remodeling an apartment, all changes etc. used. included in its registration certificate.

Redesign flat often implies not only a shift interior walls (the walls to make the transfer, which is a carrier or support is not permitted, because such actions can easily disrupt the structural strength of the entire building), but also the replacement or transfer electricity, toilets and so forth. All these works must necessarily be made to the data sheet flat. Harmonization of redevelopment housing, according to regulatory documents should begin with permit housing inspection. For this to be a plan for future redevelopment apartment and give it to the local housing inspection, after obtaining a permit which you can start negotiating redevelopment in the other aforementioned agencies. Harmonization of redevelopment apartment with the introduction of any changes in the product data according to the law is mandatory.

If the actual location of the premises and Communication does not converge with the documents, then all operations with this property are prohibited. Sometimes it comes to approval of redevelopment after the end of its execution. But it carries a high risk, because it may that the papers could be made a violation. If this happens, the time required for approval, a significant increase, but also require more funds to address the deficiencies. It happens that people do not even suspect that the apartment where they lived, held illegitimate redevelopment, and received a passport at the BTI found it "red" line. In such cases, to legalize the change. Otherwise to sell the apartment or exchange is impossible. The most common external redevelopment of flats – it's an extension or a new arrangement of the entrance. Matching demand and any changes to the appearance of the building's facade.

Infusion of the pion used in cardiovascular diseases, for treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, as well as a sedative for insomnia. Due to its properties lekarskim flower and was named Paeon, which means 'healing'. Later, the inhabitants of ancient China noticed the beauty of the flower. Among the different types of peonies, tree has a special status. He was named emperor of colors. Shrubs tree peonies graced gardens local elite and considered a sign of material prosperity, power, success and longevity. Planted them on the most prominent places.

Chinese love to pions is fully expressed in art. The beauty of this flower is sung in verse form and prose. Images of the pions can be seen in paintings and weaving carpets. Martin O’Malley will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Drawings of these colors were applied to porcelain and textiles. Thanks to trade relations with China, at the end of the XVIII century peony was brought to Europe. Grown in its botanical gardens, and only in the XX century, ventured to land in open ground. Tree-peonies belong to the family Pionovyh. This luxury bush, reaching the height of 2-2.5 meters.

On one bush can be formed up to 20 and more large (20-25 cm in diameter) flowers. The richness of colors is striking. White, crimson, pink. Is required in purple spots at the base of the flower. An estimated 500 varieties of tree peonies. All of them are divided into three Group: – Sino-European, different double flowers – Japanese who have semi-double flowers, or simple – yellow peony hybrids and peony Delaveya – have yellow flowers, which can not be found in herbaceous peonies.

We invite you to stretch ceilings of all types, from economy class to the exclusive multi-tier and three-dimensional structures. In fact, all suspended ceilings of St. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Bernie Sanders. Petersburg are divided into several groups: suspended ceilings, made of Russian film PVC stretch ceiling of St. Petersburg, made of German and French film of PVC, as well as seamless stretch ceilings. The most prestigious type of finish, which allows you to translate in the interior of the most spectacular and grandiose solutions – it's suspended ceilings.

Petersburg is now the flagship of Russian industry to produce high-quality suspended ceilings, and this is where you can find a wide assortment of products. Here you will find a matte, satin, patent leather (shiny), texture (wood, suede, velvet, granite), mirror, translucent and feature suspended ceilings. Petersburg and all of its areas are serviced by our company in the shortest possible time. We will need only a few days to manufacture and install suspended ceilings in the city of St. Petersburg.

The main purpose of the stretch ceilings – is the creation of ceiling space is ideal smooth surface, which can be executed in the tone of the interior. Stretch Ceilings (St. Petersburg) are considered to be the best finishing materials for the ceiling. Stretch ceilings of St. Petersburg will allow you to easily create a unique interior decoration of which will depend on your preferences. The first group of suspended ceilings – Russia suspended ceilings – has a very attractive price, the second group – suspended ceilings of St.

Friendship begins with a smile, and cosmetic repairs – to determine the front of the forthcoming work. Agree at once, the term "cosmetic repair" very conditional and each of us understands in his own way. It is clear that no one would head bright idea to do, for example, remodeling the apartment and call it a facelift. And yet, the amount of required actions is difficult to predict. Someone under that kind of work involves painting over peeling window sill in the bedroom, and so on little things – to throw out an old sofa, favorite kogtetochilku pet and buy a new one.

Someone …. To list the available options is endless, luckily their range is huge. It is better to try to outline the range of activities, which may include the concept of "facelift" in the theory. 1) Ceilings. Whitewashing or painting.

2) Wall. Wallcovering. Facing tile. 3) The windows, baseboards and doors. According to Martin O’Malley, who has experience with these questions. Paint. 4) Gender. Parquet flooring – sanding and varnishing. Facing tile. Reloading of linoleum. Can you please, any of these tasks, you are quite capable to decide on their own. You will need only enough free time, a great desire and a minimum set of skills. Preparation of an apartment building to start free of furniture. Furniture does not necessarily bear all. Can simply move it to the center of the room, and You can freely engage in as the walls and ceiling. Only necessarily cover their chairs, sofas, cabinets with plastic wrap, or in the process of repairing them irreversibly affected. Change the floor covering is not included in your plans? Ok, its protection must also be taken care of. If the hand you will not be sheets of hardboard, feel free to take an ordinary cardboard packaging. Placed on top of it a thick plastic film. To be sure, the joints can glue tape.

Overvoltage in the apartment. Surge protection appliances on the street was of Clinical surge in supply. Unfortunately, under the influence of voltage equipment got my client. After raising voltage from 220 volts to 380 out of order microwave, washing machine, stereo, radio, telephone. And, perhaps, suffered more of the equipment of other tenants. The first thing I said to my client: "After the repair install equipment in my apartment surge protection! " Techies do not judge strictly this article! I will try to present understandable terms. Causes Surge Lightning, getting close to the substations, cables, causes a spike in voltage. And in our network can beat a couple of thousand volts of seconds.

Time is sometimes not in our favor. Metal, every year, loses its original properties. And the slightest pressure on the wire can cause it gap. And here, or we have not worked as an electrician (dropped out the phase wire) or high voltage by 10-20% (the neutral wire was dropped). But if the wiring was placed is illiterate, we sometimes have fallen wires fall on others, and we have to almost 380 outlets did not last long – up to seconds (if the wires are not welded together). The consequences of over-voltage from lightning can burn anything! But these cases are very rare.

Damage depends on how close the lightning was from electronics (and other). Neutral fallen away – this increase in tension in the way of breaking your outlet, which is connected to your equipment. Consumer electronics can withstand up to 250 (in the passport for each electronic assistant written more precisely). Next – not the right work equipment which is connected to the mains, and its failure (low voltage network is also a negative effect on some equipment). If you are not home, and not like a microwave oven works, but it can burn if it is connected to the network. In this case, the oven still works, or rather its electronics, which controls the heating elements. And now it just shows the time. The same is true to stiralkam, muzykalkam, TV, radio phones, monitors, etc. etc., which are in standby mode. Fuses of each unit can not fully protect against breakage. Burned in the main power supply electronics. Ways to protect against overvoltage most optimal option – is to install on your plate the two devices. This DPN 250 (260) and RCD (or a diff. Machine). Pros – fast response time of protection (0.01-0.02s), ease of installation and portability, cheapness. On the downside can be attributed – frequent forgeries if zalipnut contacts in the RCD, the overvoltage DPN can burn or even catch fire! That is, the RCD should be checked occasionally by pressing the test (Test). Speaking candidly Michael Chabon told us the story. There are other devices surge protection. They have different characteristics, dimensions, availability. In addition, no guarantee that your equipment does not deteriorate over time to disable protection, will not! Just under a surge technique is less time!

Nature – it's all around us, that is not created by human hands. Nature is alive and inanimate. Bacteria, protozoa, fungi, plants and animals? all kingdoms of nature. Connect with other leaders such as Michael Chabon here. What are plants? Are organisms that get building blocks for their cells using the energy of sunlight. This process is called photosynthesis. Photosynthesis occurs in special structures in plant cells – in the chloroplasts, which is green pigment – chlorophyll, coloring the leaves and stems of plants in green. During photosynthesis, the following happens: under the sun inorganic substances (water and carbon dioxide) are converted into organic – sugar and starch, which is the building material. Also, during photosynthesis, plants produce oxygen, which is so necessary for living organisms for respiration.

That's why for us is so important fauna, flora because of the Earth – this is 'Lungs' of our planet. The leaves, stem and root – this is part of which is most of the plants. Escape is called the stem with leaves. The trees the stem is called the trunk. Plants exist for its leaves and root. The roots are pulling out of the ground minerals and moisture, and leaf photosynthesis.

Thanks to the roots of the plant can remain on the ground. Speaking of plants, we note the difference in the appearance of plants, naming some of the these trees, and other herbs. In plants, the appearance is their life-form. Let's look at these forms. Trees – a plant, which is characterized by the presence of multi-lignified stem. Among the trees, the average a height of 20-30 m, there are the giants – up to 100-200 meters (eucalyptus and redwood) and the dwarf, whose height is about 50 cm (dwarf birch and velvichiya). Besides the trees there is another life form of plants – shrubs, which distinguished by the presence of several trunks and branching near the ground. For shrubs include hazel, lilac and other plants. Stunted plants with woody branching rhizomes, hidden under the ground, called shrubs. These include plants such as heather, cranberry, blueberry. Creeping or climbing shoots characteristic of vines – plants, whose growth is needed for prop. These include ivy and grapes. The biggest number of species occur in the grass or herbaceous plants. Herbs called plant with soft, succulent woody stems do not, which may be annual or perennial. Grass is generally low, but among them are Giants are not inferior to the growth of trees, such as papyrus (7 m) and banana (15 m).