Modern industry requires the use of different types of boilers, the high power, which are designed for heating large areas of industrial buildings. Industrial boilers are heat-and water tube, depending on the relative motion of the liquid and gas. In addition, all modern heating industrial boilers, depending on the type of fuel consumed, can be divided into solid, gas, electric, oil heaters, boilers, working on alternative fuels, as well as versatile boilers that run on several kinds of fuel simultaneously. The choice of type industrial boiler depends not only on the direction of the production processes of the enterprise itself but also on energy security in the region. The market of heating equipment is represented by various manufacturers offering a large selection of boilers for industrial use. Novelist understood the implications. Products International Company Ferroli, German firms Buderus and Viessmann is popular among Russian and foreign companies, due to reliability and efficiency of the proposed heating systems.

However, Russian producers of industrial boilers is also now able to offer effective solutions. Domestic industrial boilers often cheaper but the quality is not inferior to foreign analogues. Consider the existing industrial boilers of domestic production, fueled by solid, liquid or gaseous fuels, as well as combinations thereof. NGOs Barnaul plant boilers produces hot water boilers circulation (CEC) with a heat output from 0.63 to 2 mw. A distinctive feature is the use of boilers produced intense turbulence in the flow of water inside the pipes, avoiding scale formation and to maintain high efficiency over the entire lifetime. Due to the circulation and a high flow rate, scale does not stay on the walls pipe, so the boilers kvc not require chemical treatment of water. Ltd. "Nikos" produces steel hot water boilers "Vityaz", which are intended for heating, hot water, ventilation, residential buildings, administrative or industrial buildings, including factory shops, barns, outbuildings.

Production of gas boilers is imposed since 2005, boilers are economical, meet all the requirements engineering security, reliable and easy to use, have reasonable prices. jsc "Kazan Plant of energy equipment" is focused on making three types of boilers: KV-GM, hrg, SW-G. For boilers HF-GM power 0,63-2,5 mw provided the use of both gas and liquid fuels. Boilers hrg and CS-D work on gas and are characterized by heat output 0,63-9,63 mw. Steel boilers series Turboterm "(Group of Companies REMEKS) to reverse the firebox have nine standard sizes and are made in the power range from 0.11 to 3.15 mw. Are universal fuel that is designed to work both on gas and any liquid fuel, including including fuel oil of low grades, providing a critic of efficiency. zao ziosab 'designs and manufactures water and steam boilers for heating homes, cottages, industrial, retail and warehouse premises. The company currently produces over 50 types of boilers of various capacities. ooo pkp TehnoTEK produces steel, boilers Universal three types of reverse furnace for hot water heating systems forced circulation of water, heat output up to 2.3 mw. Boiler construction provides easy access to all the welds of the boiler. Boiler reliability also increases the use of seamless pipes seamless. Since 2004 produced a series of boilers "Duet", twin horizontally or vertically to save space in the boiler room. Low emissions of nitrogen oxides and carbon allow the use of boilers in regions with high environmental requirements (resort areas).

Clay must not fall into the joint. Seams in the floor and ceiling for ventilation of the hollow space before puttying are sealed insulation (Fig. 22, g). GEA can aid you in your search for knowledge. Outside corner boards. In the formation of an external corner joints cut insulation (Fig. 22, h).

Inside corner boards. In the formation of the internal corner joints cut plasterboard according to Figure 22, and. Facing the wooden obreshetke.Tam where masonry wall is uneven, damaged stucco or frame (Half-timbered houses) and mount boards with glue is not possible, thick drywall rigips 12.5 mm can be mounted on pre-fixed with screws, dowels and wooden crate. First, the wall mounted align the horizontal and vertical wooden slats of thickness of 30-50 mm using dowels and screws (Maximum distance between the dowels 100 cm). Irregularities are compensated for by shims. If at facing the wall to further improve its sound and heat insulation qualities, between the wooden crate on the masonry wall laid mineral wool. Panels are made with screws rigips length of 35 mm at a distance of 25 cm in insulating cladding of external walls to avoid condensation must provide moisture barrier. As a moisture barrier suitable aluminum foil or little wife, who are placed between the insulation and plasterboard Rigips.Svobodno standing facing.

Free-standing coating applies in cases where it is necessary to align an uneven surface or wall mounted concealed wiring in the cavity wall. If both need to improve heat and sound insulation in the cavity wall is placed mineral wool. As the substructure used the C-shaped sections cw 50 or 75 meters, or wooden rack 6×6 cm Fixing the substructure and the veneer is similar to the design partitioning.

Sand-gravel mixture (ASG) – an inorganic granular bulk construction material mined in open pits, from the date of rivers, lakes and seas. cbc is used to align the construction site, the device of road surfaces the top layer of ground under the cover, forming drainage layer. Also, sand and gravel used to backfill pits, trenches in the residential and commercial construction, laying and repairing communications. Most widely-rich sand and gravel opgs (derived from natural sand and gravel through the enrichment), which contains 70% gravel and 30% sand, allowing the mixture does not succumb to the strong shrinking at a fairly high load. Such opgs can be used for primary stable layer before pouring the concrete playgrounds, roads or, for example, before installing the tennis court.

asg is divided into natural and enriched with sand-gravel mixtures: natural – for construction of road surfaces, the top layer of ground under the coating layer for drainage and for other purposes in road construction in accordance with the requirements of rules and regulations for the construction of highways; enriched (derived from natural sand and gravel through the fortification) – in accordance with the requirements of building regulations to include appropriate construction works. Standard does not apply to natural sand-gravel mixture (ASG), used as a semifinished product for the downstream consumers. Specifications for Sand and gravel (CBC) is characterized by: the content of gravel and sand mixture, the highest grain size of gravel; indicators adopted for the evaluation of gravel in accordance with gost 8267-93 (grain composition, strength and content of the grains of soft rock, frost, content of dust, clay and silt particles, clay lumps, and mineralogical and petrographic composition); indicators adopted for the evaluation of sand in accordance with gost 8736-93 * (grain composition and gradation, dust content, clay and silt particles, including clay lumps, organic impurities, and mineralogical and petrographic composition).

how to make their 'den' warm and more comfortable to work with, but what's there – from his wife to rest at last! But we should not forget that making the insulation of the garage, you get a sharp change of temperature – especially in the winter from the cold into a warm room. And this factor is very harmful for the body of the car. But if you, for various reasons have decided to do all the same insulation – here are some proven ways of insulating the garage: the garage extruded Warming polystyrene. Big minus Styrofoam – is its flammability, but pluses include: a) low thermal conductivity, and b) more resistant to moisture, and c) Easy to install, wall insulation technology: 1. Clear the walls of the old plaster. 2. Thoroughly caulk the gap with sealant.

3. If necessary, align the wall surface to prevent the formation of voids between the sealant and the wall. 4. Fasten polystyrene (thickness 30-50 mm) to the wall using mounting adhesives, for reliability hammering 04.03 dowels on each plate. Slabs should be laid in a checkerboard pattern, the joints between them is filled foam. 5. Martin O’Malley is full of insight into the issues. Top plank penofol, foil into the room to create the "effect thermos bottle, "through which will keep the heat in the room, he also serves as a vapor barrier. In penofola for ease of installation has the adhesive layer, but it keeps poorly at the plate, so to secure the use of screws metal (they have more cap).

Thermal insulation 'pie' is ready, goes beyond decorative trim. Between penofolom and finishes do not forget to leave an air gap, for the weathering of water vapor. Warming garage gate extruded polystyrene. 1. Make the contour of the gate crate of wooden bar. The size of the bar take, taking into account the thickness of the insulation (30-50mm) 2. Cross-linking the outer corner of the frame gate with an internal beveled to minimum width, as they are "cold bridges" and they can form frost. 3. Glue styrofoam with mounting adhesive. 3. Next paste penofol foil inside the room, further strengthening screws Warming gate ready. It also leaves an air gap before the finish. From decorative coatings best suited plastic lining – this stuff easy and practical. Thermal insulation of mineral wool garage plate (50-100mm). 1. Clear the walls of the old plaster. 2. Thoroughly caulk the gap with sealant. 3. Make a crate of bars, the size chosen, taking into account the thickness of the insulation. The distance between the bars do with the width of the insulation with overlap of 2-3 cm on both sides. 4. Laid with insulation between the bars, if necessary, attach to the building wall plug-'griby '. 5. We cover the insulation vapor-permeable membrane with construction stapler. This special film with micro allow the wall 'breathe'. If you are on a drum, then use an ordinary plastic wrap, but then before trimming is necessary to leave an air gap to the weathering of water vapor. For this nailed bars 50h20 on the first crate on top of the film. Warming of the garage is ready.

One of them you will no doubt remember – the meeting of Romeo and Juliet. Keeps a fount of ideas and Russian fairy tales, where the Princess met with John, looking at the balcony! Has long been a traditional element of balconies southern architecture: located in the full-length front of the palace, they like the delightful gardens c exotic plants, where the rich know gave dinner parties, and the lovers secretly met in the shadow colors. Of course, during the heroes immortal William Shakespeare's balcony different from today, but some of the ideas from the experiences of our predecessors is gleaned. Getting to the arrangement of balconies, be sure to listen to your feelings. And then get to work. Reach your advertising magazines and newspapers. Cut out favorite pictures and combine them safely until the head is not an idea. Make transparent the walls golden rule, which should not be forgotten when planning the space: a minimum of furniture, and window – the foundation of all! Depending on the balcony where you can arrange not only the winter garden, but also a small gym or library.

The most important thing – to choose the right windows. A survey conducted among experts window market, showed that the most popular and reliable is the construction of the glazing profiles Sib Design and Brillan Design German company rehau with glass, and so-called "cold glazed" Spanish brand Provedal. "The demand on these types of glazing is not accidental. System Brillan Design and Sib Design German company rehau good that provide excellent heat and noise and soundproofing, providing a favorable microclimate – commented on the results of the poll director Sales of "Build Master" Yuri Leonov.