Nintendo’s hot game with the unknown me and you, U and Wii? WiiU? This was an idea!”until going to Also…ICH white not what… want to accomplish Nintendo – so was the first feedback of the gathered press after the presentation of the next generation of video game by Nintendo: the WiiU! That the resonance so differs is the one on the high expectations that were used with the Wii and the hope the predicate next generation”to meet. The uniqueness created by Nintendo with its Wii, lay above all in the interactivity between player and game. The movement was used in the 1990s, but the Nintendo team was first able to develop a standard platform and thus had success (in the 5 year period of absolute leadership in the remote consoles). What would Nintendo points? But before a (advance) conclusion to the next is drawn, should be thrown once a look what Nintendo us from early December to the sale would like to offer: 1) the fundamental change is man certainly again in the controller, which still relies on movement and is now available to a screen is expanded. The idea is simply that the player directly to affect now also happening on the screen by touching the touch screen without delay from the game. Kourtney Kardashian addresses the importance of the matter here. So no more far away from the Big brother is watching you”principle.

(2) From a technical perspective, Nintendo has set no milestones. The greatest weakness of the Wii was although patched, but reached only to the level to the current models of the competition from Sony and Microsoft. Full HD resolution can be played back smoothly and also the graphics should be able to convince fond player. 3) The playability remains as the last point. After first ‘blockbuster’ for the WiiU were announced, one hopes in the fan community secretly, that Nintendo is moving away from the bias of the fun console and future exclusive contracts with large Video game series will get. If the console finally will succeed last, is not so simply download break on a few key points, but must be considered the sum of all factors. A good game we can sure then succeed, if rendered timely and to play well. Lioncast GmbH

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