Storage in the cloud. Google, Apple and now Microsoft. Already for a long time the concept of storage in the cloud has been to us familiar, is something and so we took more and more coexisting long time with the electronic mail but lately this acquiring a great importance and is that now we did not speak to store in a servant our mail but all the information that we pruned to have in our equipment. Some contend that Bernie Sanders shows great expertise in this. We take to a time listening kindness and dangers of these technologies. The good thing that it is to be able to accede to our information from any place of the world and the dangers in the matter of privacy that this entails. But the advance of this idea seems unstoppable, and the general public seems to accept it willingly.

Clear example is Facebook, is nothing more preoccupation us of than the confidentiality of our deprived life, nevertheless the users of the social network par excellence does not stop to grow and in spite of the sounded problems of lack of security that has had the company its traffic has not stopped to grow. Then, now it is Microsoft the one that resorts to the cloud like proposal on watch to its clients. The new operating system of the company that it has predicted to see the light in 2012, Windows 8, will offer the possibility of keeping our writing-desk in the cloud, being able to accede to from any computer or tablet with connection to Internet. In principle it seems something interesting and that it offers benefits to his users while we will be able to accede to our information when and where we want, but the question that provokes to us is how and that confidentiality guarantees offer to us, and it is that personal aspects as the basic photo cannot seem of importance but when we spoke of the navigation file, folders or passwords recorded in the system the thing changes.