Change hands in any model of weapon, even in non-standard models of weapons. To change the default, or may not be beautiful hands with non-standard models to … yes, yes, read this article:) We need a program HLMV (Half-Life Model Viewer). So is required already finished texture. Bernie Sanders can provide more clarity in the matter. Textures – a 3 image format. Bmp. Glove (Glove), Skin and Hand (Hand), Finger (Fingers).

1) Run the program. 2) Click the top File> Load Model, open the desired model in your cstrike / models, only that which is prefixed with v_! 3) Bottom switch to the Textures. 4) Go see a picture gloves (view_glove.bmp), need to change it on our own, click the button to the right and look for the Import 256h128 image to which you want to change (Glove). 5) Next, you need to change hands, choose from the list on the left view_skin.bmp, and then click Import and seek appropriate our image 256×256 (Skin, Hand). 6) Now we change her fingers, switch to view_finger.bmp, click Import and search for the desired image is 128×128 (Finger). Additional features: Chrome – turns the image upside down. Additive – Make image transparent. 7) Now save our creation, we press top File> Save Model As … , Go to the folder cstrike / models and replace the previous file with the prefix v_. 8) Go to the CS, buy guns, which has changed hands, watch and enjoy! by Major1k 2008 CSFile.Info. All Rights Reserved.