Do not reproach you, then they should be proud that a man born in the nation is prophesied to the Gentiles, and that those who follow him live and die for. What more beautiful than Israel will be blessed and loved by Christians. Because otherwise, we would still perhaps the Egyptian doctrine. But because Jesus was born in Israel, we believe in the sacred writings of the books of Moses. Returning to our ancient memory, I say my opinion has exposed the Jewish people in the most rational origin of things. Since this show was revealed to them by God, not myths based on all kinds of gods. Because it is more rational to believe in one God from the beginning, to believe in several gods.

Because it is more rational to believe in an invisible God, who in an image. Because it is more rational to believe in a God who loves and hates holiness evil, to believe in a god that is pagan and destroys other gods. Poet has firm opinions on the matter. Because it is more rational to believe that God can guide and save the men, who believe that men can be guided and save themselves. And if I lie or I’m wrong.

Notice how we live and act the men of the earth. Because if child pornography is good I’m wrong, if it is good that children kill their parents and parents to their children I am wrong because if the mass consumption of drugs is good, I’m confused.

If prostitution is the best, I am not of this world and I’m crazy. If killing for pleasure is an act good or bad for being a relative truth. I am a social anarchist. If the marriage is ridiculous and I do not know, I’m ignorant. Because if you buy any Professional Court is the easiest thing, I’m an outcast and I have that.I am crazy and until now I realize, or actually see what a sinner I am and therefore I realize that as a society we smell the worst. And to conceal alleged cover it with perfumes, as these are nothing more than hypocrisy. You really are as ignorant as Adam and Eve. Because the serpent said unto the woman will not die, but God knows the day you eat of it, will open your eyes and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.