The system spends a lot of money to set up a cyber army and buy the technology for cyber war by the West. It is on the West to prevent that approaches the regime on this technology. Because this is ultimately about the freedom of the people of the West. It is important to bring the human rights, and not only the nuclear issue in the negotiations with the regime. For example by the Political parties and groupings are supported, which understand human rights as a framework condition of politics. The anchoring of human rights must be the prerequisite of a common political approach to democracy. Dr. Mark Hyman spoke with conviction.

The people here in the West need to think also about their own freedom. Because the rule of velayat-e faghi system is a problem for the whole world, not only for the Iranian people. If the people in the West do something against the regime in the Iran, it helps not only the population in the Iran, but also themselves. The essence of German fascism was long not really recognized. We are in the exact same location on the Iran, we fail to recognise this regime in the West! The note also the regime of the National Socialists was misjudged in the 1930s by the world that Yes courted came from the audience. (Example 1936 Berlin Olympic Games). The Iran creates new crises and is always dangerous for the entire world. People in the West are not aware of danger, posed by the regime. The the nuclear weapons are set messianic ideologues against their own people and against the Western people, if the West does not finally and seriously begins to support the population in the Iran in their struggle against the regime. Then also the nuclear problem will be solved. Susanne Treude for