Surprise your loved one at Easter but different way, for example with a ‘dobro Jutro’ good morning in Croatian, or with a ‘Queen’, Queen. Individual dolphins can indeed be kept separate even though they inhabit a Habitat to explored rather difficult for the people and take a look very similar to within a species. On its back fin, which is so unique because of form and marks like fingerprints in humans. The Finns are photographed and catalogued, and allow researchers to gain insight into the life of these intelligent marine mammals. The resulting findings form the basis for protective measures. These are urgently needed. “” During the life of the Peruvian Dolphin female Queen “and endangered his family by Dynamite fishing and habitat destruction, fight dobro Jutro” and his kind in Croatia as the last survivor of the once numerous Adriatic Sea bottlenose dolphins against the death of by-catch in fishing nets and other manmade Dangers. The GRD in offers individual Dolphin sponsorships for endangered animals.

The symbolic sponsorships are concrete contributions to the preservation of biodiversity. For only 50 euros a year, you can engage directly in the protection of marine mammals and surprise his beloved with an unusual gift of Easter at the same time. The money flowing into the GRD protection projects in Croatia and Peru. “The sponsor will receive a beautiful certificate of made out in her name, a photo of”their”dolphin, a great Dolphin Pin Pinback, information to the respective protection project and regularly the GRD magazine Dolphin post”. Ulrike Kirsch – GRD press