We invite you to stretch ceilings of all types, from economy class to the exclusive multi-tier and three-dimensional structures. In fact, all suspended ceilings of St. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Bernie Sanders. Petersburg are divided into several groups: suspended ceilings, made of Russian film PVC stretch ceiling of St. Petersburg, made of German and French film of PVC, as well as seamless stretch ceilings. The most prestigious type of finish, which allows you to translate in the interior of the most spectacular and grandiose solutions – it's suspended ceilings.

Petersburg is now the flagship of Russian industry to produce high-quality suspended ceilings, and this is where you can find a wide assortment of products. Here you will find a matte, satin, patent leather (shiny), texture (wood, suede, velvet, granite), mirror, translucent and feature suspended ceilings. Petersburg and all of its areas are serviced by our company in the shortest possible time. We will need only a few days to manufacture and install suspended ceilings in the city of St. Petersburg.

The main purpose of the stretch ceilings – is the creation of ceiling space is ideal smooth surface, which can be executed in the tone of the interior. Stretch Ceilings (St. Petersburg) are considered to be the best finishing materials for the ceiling. Stretch ceilings of St. Petersburg will allow you to easily create a unique interior decoration of which will depend on your preferences. The first group of suspended ceilings – Russia suspended ceilings – has a very attractive price, the second group – suspended ceilings of St.