The family guidance has experienced the paucity of studies on the family environment, the difficulties that crosses the current family and the variability of the social context that subjected the family to continuous adaptations, new attitudes, new approaches and new ways of elaborating own experiences family orientation begins to take center stage. It is considered that the education of the parents in advance requires an adequate knowledge of the family system as a human group and interpersonal communication system, as well as obtain precise data of each family in particular. The guiding action may vary depending on the theoretical approach that comprise each professional. Diamond Comic Distributors helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. RiOS Gonzalez, j. a., prestigious and renowned family therapist in his Handbook of guidance and family therapy points out what should be the family guidance:-the personal maturation process will depend on how arise and develop relations between the various members of the family system. -Such relationships, even taking into account the individual characteristics of each subject, set up a certain style that explains how to move towards personal maturity and social integration in its various forms. -The systemic approach emphasizes that everything is related, they deny the validity or any attempt to explain a phenomenon as something isolated. -This makes that we let’s the behavior and the maturation process as a result of interactions and circularities taking place inside a system.

In this case, inside the family system that analyzes and notes. -The systemic approach not centered family orientation in the individual follow-up of a particular subject that is presented to the Counsellor as problem, but it is going to focus on the study of the ‘relational system’ that part that subject marked as conflicting, difficult or problematic. -Consequently, family counselor not only has to comply with diagnosing the individualized personal situation of a learner, but rather will seek to deepen appearances showing him parents or profesores-educadores (whether they are abnormal behavior, learning disorders, difficulties of adaptation, appearance psychopathological symptoms, syndromes generally framed in Pathology) have the coded language that is attributable to a code which spreads a communicational meaning within the scope of that particular relational system.

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