Sultan Beach

Did not want to. We so used to it! Here, great food. Yes, for dinner sometimes have to queue, but can also arrive later. Still remains a lot of everything. It is not true that dirty dishes.

Everything is perfect: the waiters clean everything instantly, they on my feet all day. We were surprised health Arabs. In addition to all we have had good relations with the reception. Since janitors rooms, I also found a common language, explaining how something that should clean up better, towels on the veil changed every day. In return, they receive tips.

In principle, is what they expect. And finally, as I did not want to part with our handsome-animator! How great it holds water aerobics: with humor, sometimes oversteps the limits but no more. All still like it. After charging into the sea he spent dancing at the pool (Pictures of animators from Studentur (Studentur) at this hotel can be seen here: The only flaw in the work of animators in this hotel – complete omissions in the evening. Have themselves to invent something: go to the disco (only Calipso !!!!) or shopping in town. In any case, I am very grateful to the staff of the hotel and the positive experiences that they brought to us. In another hotel, King Tut resort, despite the gorgeous beach with the reef, we liked it less, although the numbers have clearly been decorated better than the previous hotel. Crony relations staff employees with the guests simply freeze. Especially the waiters stepped rules permitted. And served poorly. The food was not so great as in Sultan Beach, and the plates are not as clean. Animators staged a good evening show (the show fakir), but were inactive during the day lifestyle. Pool, as it seemed to us very childish. Oh well. We had not much time before the end of the holiday, so we decided to enjoy the remnants of holiday. I lay belly to the top of the beach, my husband was hiding under the umbrella and managed to get a tan, even more than me. What we are tired, so this is from trade in all local lavchuzhkah, taxis and even shops. So, you can buy a belt for 120 Funtikov (600 p.). And bargaining, you will be happy to sell three of these belts for 100 pounds. In this the whole of Egypt. The fact that the Arabs are arrogant, no one doubts. Look at you, make lewd compliments in the presence of your young person, send kisses. But despite all this country there is very developed in terms of lighting, arrangement of roads. We are amazed. Still, comparing the pluses and minuses, I find this holiday a big plus. View another country can not over a lifetime, so the ride, watch, enjoy. And do not worry attention to all sorts of trivia: we are back safe and sound despite not being very clean plates, I was not going to steal (which is so feared, my dear), we have lots of experience and class photos, and already this is a huge plus. Reviews Studentur (Studentur) You can read our very interesting forum