A new hotel concept has been established in Berlin: Nhow Berlin. The German capital has become the city of fashion in Europe, people coming from all corners of the world come to enjoy this moment of cultural explosion that is living the city. This hotel has been created by and for music, is a tribute in all respects to the music scene and could not be in another city that in Berlin, was born the first music hotel in the world. Among the services of a 4 star hotel in usual as tasting of pillows, fantastic plasma TVs or an excellent room service and reception 24 h for all the doubts and concerns that the guests may have we should be included in Nhow the possibility of requesting any musical instrument that feel like touching, tomas iPod with high quality speakers in the rooms that get an acoustic rather than good and a recording within the own Studio Hotel in collaboration with the record label Hansa. The architecture of the building has neither been left to neglect, despite its apparent contradiction visual and that the materials used for the design of the facade and the outer structure of the building are very diverse, come together in a perfect amalgam that achieves a harmony that seems impossible as a result. The project was conducted by the renowned Russian architect Sergei Tschoban, responsible for projects such as the tallest skyscraper of Europe or of the Federation Tower in Moscow. The interior of the hotel is no less spectacular, designed by the famous interior designer Karim Rashid New Yorker, something like the current pop star of the design world, it is an effervescence of colors fluorine: pink, green, blue and yellow are combined without mercy getting an interior unprecedented. All the details have been personally care resulting in a contradictory, harmonious, simply perfect hotel for music.

The hotel’s spectacular bar brings together regularly DJ s of Berlin and international scene, reputed to have a good time at the bar of the Nhow can be a true experience for your ears. In addition, the Hotel is located in the Centre of Berlin on the banks of the river Spree. Guests can enjoy excellent views over the German capital. For lovers of music, extravagant tourists, business travelers who are looking for something more, the Nhow is without doubt a great option to take into account in their visits to Berlin.