Other effects include increasing the geographical distribution of carriers of infectious diseases, causing u increased vulnerability of people to malaria, dengue, yellow fever and bubonic plague. The loss of Latin American glaciers is a particularly dramatic proof of climate change: the cordillera de los Andes and Patagonia in Argentina are showing signs of retreat of glaciers and reduction of the snow-covered areas. The loss of glaciers in the Andes and the intrusion of saltwater by the rise of the sea level will affect the availability of drinking water, as well as agricultural production and tourism. The region has a few systems of information, observation and control, an ability to create limited technological and political, institutional frameworks and initiatives to tackle climate change. Adds Salazar Cruz, 20 countries and Islands that are in the Caribbean, of the seven Central American countries, 13 countries in South America and Mexico, the Greens are present in 10 of them.

1 in the Caribbean, 1 in Central America, 1 in Mexico and 6 in South America. There are 41 countries and in 10 of them performs the green in various levels and characterizations.-work although we have parties with more decades of work (Mexico and Brazil) but most of the others are technically new. And analyzing a little context that we face can say face an a) Latin America and Caribbean full of opportunities to develop projects of (political ecology, since the source text which is the reality that brings us the agenda to work is extensive and requires contest of the entire Latin America and Caribbean, the total number of States, of the total of international and regional organizations, civil society, the media, churches, political plurality and specific of the Greens while its political ecological epistemology is inclusive and open.-b) face major external threats, since the oligarchies, the populist left-wing, neoliberal Governments in right center and other economic, political and social groups see us still how exogenous rare media to some and even dangerous to their interests. Ingrid is one Mexican over this or the Green Party example on other wax with their important experience and caudal politician.-is why as Greens in Latin America and the Caribbean require inter alia:-perform permanent diagnostic and analysis of the realities of the region.-set based on our realities agendas that allow us to respond to the height of the times-programmatic and organizational strategies that allow us to grow, learn and mature more.-create instruments that will enable the training of leaders of Government for the region develop fundraising initiatives to support costs of international meetings, schedule conferences, participate in events and invest in information, technology and communication.-cultivate our political intelligence in the field of electoral processestakes power, historical experiences, relationships with various actors and go step by step playing a role of incidence and broader takeover.