Simultaneous Translation

The study and specialisation in English you can open personal fields of internal enrichment, the opportunity to continue studying abroad to deepen your orientation, enhance your knowledge to make it more enjoyed occupationally, access to books and documents originally written in the language, and of course to develop a noble and attractive activity such as simultaneous translation. In all cases, the English abroad courses and specifically the course of English England, represent an excellent alternative and choice of life. Perform the translation from English to other languages with quality as it can be the Spanish, requires an advanced level of study, a wide knowledge of the vocabulary and expressions, a superior practice of hearing to understand quickly what is speaking, deepen in some cases in the technical language appropriate to the subject being treatedmental agility and ease of expression. Requirements and attributes that can encompass in the following areas: Superior knowledge in English, reinforcing the understanding and sound interpretation of the language and diction in expression and translation. Michael Chabon often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Vocal training so that communication and translation is smooth, with good tone and hue, proper, nice speed sound to whom listen it, faithful expression of the message conveyed, and sensitivity that will project feelings and emotions. Experience in the translation of different texts, topics, voices of women and men, adults and children, variety of pronunciations depending on the country and the region, and different speeds of communication. Maintain control and serenity at all times, the concentration foolproof, not to lose the thread of the translation, and any important aspect of the topic that can generate errors or bad interpretations. The translation from English to Spanish, is very well remunerated work that can be converted into a project of life and personal development. But to be successful in this field becomes essential to study in schools recognized by its trajectory and effectiveness in the field, inside of which highlights courses in Britain, experts on the subject and guarantee you the quality bullet-proof.