It is new to many people that now siding is available to the public. I for example, has spent the more than one day to give an explanation which did not convince the customer. According to unscrupulous salesmen, something that is used for finishing the exterior walls is called siding. Then panels, and sheets, and many other materials fall into this category. The error is in the terminology: siding in translation from American English is ‘skin facade. ” But even siding called decorative panels is also incorrect. Siding is designed for finishing and protecting the walls of buildings from external influences. Typically, this band is a length of two to six meters in width from 10 to 30 cm and a thickness of 1-10 mm.

Siding is made of vinyl, aluminum, steel, wood and cement. Fracture, or profile, Siding is single – ‘Christmas Tree’, or double – ‘board ship. ” The quality of the design profile does not affect because everyone chooses according to his taste. Topography, or texture, makes the siding look like natural wood. Coating (polymer or paint) protects it from mechanical damage and corrosion. Polymer coating is more durable but more expensive than paint. Strips of siding fastened with each other in locking latch.

The lower part of the board snaps into locking previous band, the upper nailed through the perforations, and then snaps to the next, etc. To install the siding accessories are needed, a set of decorative and finishing elements. If we compare siding with our usual protective materials, it becomes clear that the main advantages of siding are durability and efficiency.