You’ll notice that almost all companies to whom we turned for advice were reputable clients: the Kremlin, the Tretyakov Gallery, the large banks, famous theaters (Mariinsky, BDT, at the Foundry Theater.) The quality of work produced by the St. Petersburg companies, both in terms of designers, and from the point of fire in Japan, Belgium and other countries at an appropriate level. Sales and production work if manufacturers in St. Petersburg, only four (of course, if someone is not hidden), the vendors – so much more. Firstly there are companies – dealers of foreign companies. Example – JSC “Finncolor”, selling products in Russia, an old Finnish company. Second, the St. Petersburg manufacturers have their own dealers (though almost all of them are for outside of St.

Petersburg and Leningrad region). Third, in St. Petersburg, there are specialty shops of fire safety products (one of them is on Moskovsky prospect 136), trading in particular, lacquers and paints). Finally, many stores selling building products and economic, have begun to offer buyers of flame retardants. For example, store “Maxidom” sells products of JSC “Morning.” As for the production work, here, said Sergei Simakov as: “The account number in the millions.” Of course, this is an exaggeration, but … Sergei Tsvetkov: ‘To our knowledge, the last year, about 250 companies have licensed the right to produce papers. Another thing that received the license is not evidence that the company is doing something.

Decided what to get – got it. Maybe they treated two square meters a year. “