Which sport to what type of person fit, wanted to know future nutrition (IZE) more specifically the initiative and has an Advisory Board member of the IBE, the head of the Olympic base interviewed Rheinland Michael Scharf. Sport is like buy shoes they fit either one or not. Treadmill or exercise mat: A question of type! Sports to be aktiv(er) and more to move in our society a highly respected intent. But if you missed just the application deadline for the next course of prevention, do not worry, in the course of the next few weeks there are back seats with safety. The reason is, inter alia, that many people have chosen to not sports activities suitable for. Because while that is almost ideal for a yoga to relieve stress, find another boring this sport and need a treadmill or a punching ball in order to work out”. Another important aspect is to find the right measure.

Because while you’re doing a good enough, others tend to hyperbole and are literally sports addicted”. Ask Michael Scharf: harm sport when, when will he help? Basically, the benefits of sport is usually greater than the damage. It is as with almost everything in life, it comes to the right size. The athletes we serve at the Olympic base of Rheinland, we focus on a main focus to guide the athlete as healthy because of their sporting careers. Thats not so easy but for athletes that the week very intense and sometimes very one-sided sports approximately 30 hours. My tip for you: Take a week at least 2 hours. Spread over 4 days to 3 x 30 minutes where you actively move would be running, cycling, should exercise their endurance, for example with walking, aerobics, swimming, badminton, tennis. The fourth appointment should be spent with gymnastics and strengthening the major muscle groups.