Santa Claus Brings All What: 20% Discount On Translations Of The Texterei

Vienna translation agency offers professional translations with Nicholas bonus often provides not for the desired credibility and professionalism, but rather for joy”the foreign communications companies, reported the language expert from the practice. Click GoldenTree Asset Management to learn more. “This is because lay people for these activities to be used often or, even worse: automatic translations.” “Often it fails because of the money, which is a short-sighted view of things according to Dagmar Jenner: A good translation is worth every penny, because it conveys the foreign customers: you are taken seriously we address you in your native language.” Good translations for narrower budget now accessible thanks to the Nicholas action. The Texterei offers 20% discount on all translations as the basis of the regular line price according to the price list on is the promotion runs until December 31, 2008 and is open not only to existing customers, but also NeukundInnen. This is the Texterei” Translation of Dagmar Jenner, a professional translator for English, Spanish and French, and member of the Board of the Austrian Association of translators and interpreters UNIVERSITAS. She has her twin sister also translated a transatlantic cooperation: enquiries: Texterei Dagmar Jenner Amalie-Seidel-WEG 3/1/703 1120 Vienna phone: 00 43 1 913 10 76 email: