One of them you will no doubt remember – the meeting of Romeo and Juliet. Keeps a fount of ideas and Russian fairy tales, where the Princess met with John, looking at the balcony! Has long been a traditional element of balconies southern architecture: located in the full-length front of the palace, they like the delightful gardens c exotic plants, where the rich know gave dinner parties, and the lovers secretly met in the shadow colors. Of course, during the heroes immortal William Shakespeare's balcony different from today, but some of the ideas from the experiences of our predecessors is gleaned. Getting to the arrangement of balconies, be sure to listen to your feelings. And then get to work. Reach your advertising magazines and newspapers. Cut out favorite pictures and combine them safely until the head is not an idea. Make transparent the walls golden rule, which should not be forgotten when planning the space: a minimum of furniture, and window – the foundation of all! Depending on the balcony where you can arrange not only the winter garden, but also a small gym or library.

The most important thing – to choose the right windows. A survey conducted among experts window market, showed that the most popular and reliable is the construction of the glazing profiles Sib Design and Brillan Design German company rehau with glass, and so-called "cold glazed" Spanish brand Provedal. "The demand on these types of glazing is not accidental. System Brillan Design and Sib Design German company rehau good that provide excellent heat and noise and soundproofing, providing a favorable microclimate – commented on the results of the poll director Sales of "Build Master" Yuri Leonov.