Rudiger Holbe

Conventional medicine offers also the Foundation on which more therapeutic ideas can grow and may, if they are doing scientifically justified. The sometimes philosophical contexts of therapy and movement left appear the osteoporosis training in a new light: beat Lord Dr. Jochen Werle, also of the Board of Trustees of bone health, the arc of the rehab-sport to the function training with the lecture “from the function training for integrated movement therapy” and showed the holistic importance of movement therapy. OSD is member-strongest Association more and more members are turning to the OSD – search help, information and support in the fight against osteoporosis. 2009 the OSD was the largest association in the DOP, an independent Association of osteoporosis self-help associations and patient-oriented organizations from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland and a cross-border network for osteoporosis interested and affected. The DAK promotes the patient event of the OSD self-help supplement to professional health care effectively and contribute that the patients better cope with their disease through mutual assistance and advice. The OSD meets these requirements. Jessica Walsh may find this interesting as well.

The DAK supports the work of the self-help organization with a financial support of patient event of 3,500 euros. “The medicine made new progress. (Similarly see: idt energy). But physical or mental impairments to leave after treatment, those affected are themselves often is. Due to the social changes it lack of support in the social field. Here the important work of self-help groups is from the perspective of the DAK”, so Uwe Magnus, Director of the service center of the DAK Gotha. The patient is often not an equal partner of his doctor, still has it all for him personally important Information. The self-help groups provide the necessary support.

Patients who engage in a self-help group, not only offensive contact with her illness apart, but also critical medical operation. DAK and the OSD continue pursue the common goal: help to help themselves. DAK supports the work of osteoporosis self-help group Association (OSD) not only financially, but offensive by moral and material support. Contact OSD: Osteoporosis self-help groups roof Association high str. 38 99867 Gotha phone: 03621 512581 Internet: (OSD) osteoporosis self-help group umbrella association for more information about the osteoporosis self help groups roof Association (OSD) OSD offers help for affected parties and members, support, information and active therapy in self-help groups. Osteoporosis, the information portal offers detailed information about the disease image osteoporosis, shows which possibilities within the framework of the self-help and what we as a self-help group Association as well as making as a social and charitable organization. We represent the interests of diseased to health insurance companies, politicians, doctors, and contribute to the enlightenment to the clinical picture. We help in the development of local self-help groups, co-ordinate the work and promote experience exchange groups. And we look forward to your membership. OSD – active against osteoporosis. Rudiger Holbe osteoporosis self-help groups roof Association (OSD)