Roof Insulation With PU Foam

Boost energy efficiency the energy saving regulation foresees that roofs must be insulated by the end of 2011. This measure aims to improve the energy efficiency of homes and could reduce energy costs by up to 30 percent. New buildings have often already sufficient insulation, owners of old buildings should however consult about their options. The real estate portal presents a variant of roof insulation with polyurethane foam. The laying of PU foam panels to the roof insulation is considered easy and affordable.

For an expert is not required. The finished plate elements be designed so that they dovetail with each other. Information about attic insulation find people interested in the Internet real estate portal The use of polyurethane foam requires, that the attic is not as living space, but only as storage or drying room. Filed under: Michael Chabon . No special precautions are necessary for the transport of plates, as they are with a Size of around 120 times 60 centimeters and a thickness of 7 to 13 cm pretty handy. The top of the insulation material is equipped with a wood material plate. These can enter immediately after installation, so that the attic space immediately available after completion of the work. Through appropriate measures, carbon dioxide can be saved over a useful life of 50 years several thousand kilograms.