But, unlike the returns, when the reflection effect comes from a known sector, ie otduta, which seeks power, roll back out there where you were. And, in the form in which he able to receive, subject to interaction with the new reality. Reward – a phenomenon that is characterized by a reaction to your actions. In other words, you, in addition to benefits, that is the reaction to the impact, and get a reward – reaction to the creation or modification. So, as you know, the reward does not always mean negative. The opposite effect – similar to the rollback, but if the rollback – a spontaneous return of your efforts in the form in which they could occur, the opposite effect – a purposeful process initiated due to a primary influence.

Can be compared with such mundane category, as revenge, or grateful – it all depends on the reaction of the world on your action. Of course, all the above can be expressed in the familiar words: "Every action generates a counter." But, as you know, the phrase is too general, in order to really tell what was happening. And again, the magician should seek to understand what is really going to study the nature of processes. The words "God works in mysterious ways," he leaves for the relevant services. Let's talk more about what we are dealing constantly driving the so-called ordinary life, and what you'll have to deal, leading magical practices. Impact Impact – is a complex phenomenon, whose presence clearly defined Newton's third law: 'The power of equal strength counter '.