Renaissance Divine

Being among columns is to have a significant place in the cosmos. In the letter VII, columns four and sustain the cosmic construction. Novelist recognizes the significance of this. The frame of the carriage is run, while the ceiling canopy is held in an arched form, both of which represent, respectively, the earth and sky, this same symbol can be seen in medieval and Renaissance beds. Bernie Sanders often addresses the matter in his writings. Also, any doors that the passage from one space to another is made from a pair of columns supporting the building. Construction: The Hermetic Tarot mathematical structure, is in itself a complete build, the same happens with the people who internalize, ranging making themselves a new home. This oracle, from Hermetic-alchemical tradition is intimately linked not only to orders of chivalry and warfare but also to orders to builders and artists who inherit the symbolism of initiation of construction of the temple of Solomon, which in turn recognizes origins more old. Letters XVI, XVIII and XVIIII symbols are constructive.

Also at the Ace of Cups, which seems to include a castle or a shrine. Cup, cup, bowl, jar: Obviously these elements are responsive, both for liquids, which, moreover, are shaped to form, as well as to the divine emanations or upper waters, called celestial, matched to the element air, and also the winds and storms that manifests stick swords. Heart: Although the heart is not visible on the plates of the Tarot, it is represented by the cups and is stated in the letter VI, The Lover. This being the primary organ carrier of the divine, at the center that hosts the unique essence of being. .