Remembering A Craftsman

REMEMBERING A craftsman of popular culture (the “Gordo” Rodolfo ORTIZ) a Throughout our long and vital parable, we have been proving that many of the makers of our everyday (or those who raised at some point pleasant moments to our lives). We have been checking, we reiterate that with the passage of time is lost in oblivion. a In our childhood in the fifties in the Ensenada de Barragan, we remember that that Spanish dancer Otilia Curbelo, the one reciter Bravo, choreographer of the film of that local “social”, “Chorson” Divale, the fiery speeches of Rafael Elgarrista. a Discount if every veteran or veteran makes a journey to his childhood, recalled in his small town, neighborhood, or rural area, people such as those mentioned. If there is any or any tip comes up on a carrier such “micro-stories, all these rich trajectories, which never reached the” consecration “in the major media, end diluted into oblivion.

a A few years ago, evoking closely related to another character with which we recall at this time, we referred to a section in his time, had the then-widespread American magazine “The Reader’s Digest.” The section is called “My unforgettable character” and was devoted to a personality who had impressed the authors of it. a This time, we want to evoke the “fat” “Adolfo Ortiz. What of” fat “is not menoscabante, but all they called at a time, when there was no crime of discrimination. a I met him in action “fat” on the occasion carried out in the Parque Chacabuco of the city of Buenos Aires, the Argentine championship Free Athletics, in the spring of 1962.