Conventionally, they can be divided into three categories. The first category – means reducing the depth of sleep. They also, incidentally, may apply for snoring. Enclose a sheet prickly brush or a tennis ball to sleep was more restless. The first time the urge to urinate baby wakes up and runs to the toilet. The second category – funds reduces the formation of urine. A related site: Angie Dickinson mentions similar findings.

The only more or less effective means of state medicine – is a dry powder injection adiurecrine in the nose. The drug acts directly on the kidneys and reduces the formation of urine. In everyday life comes easier – give the child the night the bread with salt or a piece of herring. Salt retains water in the body, respectively, reducing the production of urine. Not much is good, because water is retained in the body in the form of edema. You did not happen to drink too much at a wedding best friend? Think of yourself in the image of Chinese Li in the morning in the mirror. Alcohol also retains water.

And the swelling is not safe for the body. The third category – Psychotherapy. For example, a promise child that for five dry nights, he gets a bike or a puppy. Unfortunately, even in anticipation of such a gift, a child, at times, unable to control her bladder. There are still folk remedies, mostly herbs and drugs. The mechanism of action is not explained. Just someone to help and all. I will not enumerate them all, I will mention only recipe I have respected Wang, who advises to drink tea made from corn hair. Reflexology, which I do, can help with enuresis, but only 30% of cases. Now about the ” children.” Pampers – a wonderful thing, for example, on the road. But the constant use of diapers prevented the development of children’s reflex discomfort associated with urination. Normally, this reflex appears from the first days of life, and years of a child is asking for pot. While it is always dry “pampersnye” kids just do not realize the fact of urination and manage this process at the age of 3, 4 and even 5 years old (the age when “the night of surprise” is considered a disease). And the second. Diapers tend to create in that part of the body, which they wore a kind of “greenhouse effect”, which is very bad for the boys. Nature “made” male genitals outside where the temperature is lower than the temperature of their body. And constant overheating leads to disruption of maturation of the reproductive system, and this is more serious incontinence. Infertility may develop on the background of immature eggs.