When purchasing an apartment, you sometimes can not arrange the layout of premises. Then, as a rule being overhauled flats and redevelopment. To a large extent it has received wide circulation in old homes. Prior to the redevelopment of premises need to legalize them, having received permission. For this to go through the approval procedure of redevelopment in the administration, such as architectural and planning management, fire control, SES, DES and the Housing Inspectorate. When remodeling an apartment, all changes etc. used. included in its registration certificate.

Redesign flat often implies not only a shift interior walls (the walls to make the transfer, which is a carrier or support is not permitted, because such actions can easily disrupt the structural strength of the entire building), but also the replacement or transfer electricity, toilets and so forth. All these works must necessarily be made to the data sheet flat. Harmonization of redevelopment housing, according to regulatory documents should begin with permit housing inspection. For this to be a plan for future redevelopment apartment and give it to the local housing inspection, after obtaining a permit which you can start negotiating redevelopment in the other aforementioned agencies. Harmonization of redevelopment apartment with the introduction of any changes in the product data according to the law is mandatory.

If the actual location of the premises and Communication does not converge with the documents, then all operations with this property are prohibited. Sometimes it comes to approval of redevelopment after the end of its execution. But it carries a high risk, because it may that the papers could be made a violation. If this happens, the time required for approval, a significant increase, but also require more funds to address the deficiencies. It happens that people do not even suspect that the apartment where they lived, held illegitimate redevelopment, and received a passport at the BTI found it "red" line. In such cases, to legalize the change. Otherwise to sell the apartment or exchange is impossible. The most common external redevelopment of flats – it's an extension or a new arrangement of the entrance. Matching demand and any changes to the appearance of the building's facade.