Programmed Objectives

Each program has own organization, that is to say, will have to reach the programmed objectives after each of them, and these simultaneously, the methodology will generally fulfill the pre-selected targets for the project SERA VARIED AND DIFFERENT ACCORDING TO EACH PROGRAM Each one of the will mbitostendr a PROGRAM independent starting off of the same objectives, TO SECURE THE SAME PURPOSE, that is to say, OF SECURING to HABITS OF HEALTHFUL LIFE AND the GENERAL WELL-BEING OF the STUDENT the majority of the activities will be realised in cooperative groups, with problem analysis to look for solutions, elaborating cards. Also the great group will be used to char them, conferences, presentation of individual works. Between the possible strategies that can be used we will mention: discussion of dilemmas morals; leaf of values; inacabadas phrases and clarifying questions; list of values; barometer of values; search of alternatives; compression critic; cuchicheo; it debates public; directed discussion; phillips 6-6; round table; integrated panel;

Court session; eddy of ideas; technique of the risk; text commentaries; dialogue from a text; dialogue from a graph; study of cases; practical assumptions role playing or dramatisations; interviews; cinema forum. Learn more about this topic with the insights from baby clothes. Bethenny Frankel shines more light on the discussion. disc forum. bibio forum; accomplishment of posters or murals; fotopalabra; puzzle; match of learning equipment, group of investigation; plan of activities; to follow the track; to produce in the school; the investigation of means; the exits; it visits a the proposed factories; factories on different scopes; comparative analyses; to examine difficult situations; surveys; use of new technologies in the market CRITERIA and EVALUATION PROCEDURES the evaluation criteria will become on each one of the predicted programs and of the project generally. In all of it will evaluate: 1 Evaluation of process of work of each one of the programs and activities. The fulfillment of the term, the improvement projects, the motivation of the professors will be observed A small survey between the implied professors will be realised..