Tur Mari. According to this specialist, it is basic and essential to reach the workplace well hydrated before you begin the workday. A good breakfast is essential, both to load the necessary calories to develop the first part of the working day (breakfast must contribute 25% of the daily energy required), as to restore fluids lost perceptible or imperceptible way during sleep. For this reason, it is essential to take a good bowl of milk or derivative, in addition to a glass of fruit juice, a fruit and a cereal product, such as a slice of toasted bread with olive oil. AND continues: water is also contained in food, although these are not liquids and, therefore, they are a source of this element. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Michael Chabon has to say. The journey to the place of work, especially if you go by public transport or on foot, is a good occasion to hydrate.

Bring in the portfolio a container with water or any other beverage that has a high percentage of water will facilitate such action. As an indicative measure, it would be appropriate to have ingested 400-600 ml of liquid before the labor activity. On the other hand, the main problem that hinders the hydration in the offices lies in lack of access a source of water or liquid, or the lack of it. The existence of that font’s provision of water or liquids in the workplace and an easy access to it would be very appropriate and advisable to. To encourage both its consumption and its fast assimilation, it would be advisable, moreover, than that water or liquid kept at a temperature of 8 – 13 C believes Professor Tur Mari so therefore We must drink enough to compensate for the loss of water and any beverage that contains water can contribute to the total required for hydration.

Several studies have shown that anyone better combat dehydration if you have at your disposal a wide array of liquids (water, juice, sodas,), since the diversity of drinks and flavors promotes hydration. The necessity of hydrate, any contribution of liquids is useful. However, if you consider the proportion of simple sugars often forming part of the composition of the majority of soft drinks, these must be taken sparingly, concludes this expert. Meanwhile labour hydration, hydration, hydration suggests several tips for workers to take into account:-the company must furnish your employees drink and place it as close to their place of activity as possible. Must educate the workers of the importance that reach their jobs correctly hydrated from home or the previous ride to begin the workday. As a general reference, workers should consume between 600 ml and 1 litre of fluid per hour of work. During the hottest days, also a reponedora electrolyte drink should be consumed. It would also be advisable to replenish those electrolytes lost in the journey back home. Original author and source of the article.