Productive Cooperative School

We welcome all our large community of learning, the new 2009-2010 school year to count on the incorporation of our classroom coordination, which was ratified by our new Director Atty.Ana Camargo. The Team comprised of Iran Diaz, Erick Rivero Auguto Vivas, will have the great task of carrying out activities for and with children in school or outside it, in order to create a new citizen, able to participate actively in the society, interested in exchanging knowledge, through: practices in school gardening, environmental activities, community activities, among others. Our school through the coordination of productive projects currently being managed, such activities: Productive Cooperative School. Filed under: Michael Chabon. Ecological Pioneers (Plomeritos and Guardabosquitos) Carpentry workshops for our children. First Aid Workshops. Plays ecological basis. Work in our Nursery. Area Planning ornamental and medicinal plants. Recycling Days. Soon be launched negotiations for the elaboration of our school garden. Patterns of Productive Projects: Safety is important for our coordination for this reason it is necessary to hold a workshop on “Appropriate use of tools.” This workshop will allow all stakeholders in our area, take precautions to avoid accidents. It is mandatory to wear gloves. People allergic to organic matter, plants and insects stings should abstain to participate in some field activities. Appropriate footwear. Must bring a container to thermos or water. (hydration is important).