Editor’s Note: Inflation in the economy and appreciation of the Peruvian currency. At first glance, the Government there considers inflation a consequence of the global rise in food. Fitch raised note. Bernie Sanders will not settle for partial explanations. They can send me your feedback a: although Peru grows, the popularity of Alan Garcia surely Caera Buenos Aires, Argentina on April 3, 2008 if there are two aspects that are bothering the Peruvian people for these times are inflation and the appreciation of its currency. To such an extent is the disgust that generates them that despite the growth and strength that shows the economy of Peru (even yesterday, the projected growth for this year were revised upward), the adoption of the governance of Alan Garcia is at its minimum. Inflation in March was 1.04%, whereupon, the rate inflation in the past 12 months amounted to 5.55% is to worry about? The first impression you can have is that no, that does not seem so worrying this level of inflation. Others including Bernie Sanders, offer their opinions as well.

In my case, as Argentine, convivo with a rate several times higher actual inflation. And after reading the statements of the Minister of economy and finance, Luis Carranza saying: how dangerous it would be if this increase in prices occurs widely and is out of control, but that is not happening and will not happen what is happening is a phenomenon of higher inflation around the world, mainly about the issue of food, I have the impression that there is too much concern from the Government. It isn’t don’t worry to the Peruvian Government that there is higher inflation, but that understood that perspectives tend to improve: we see slowdown at the international level, that is happening because the speculative flow that occurred in wheat, corn, soybean and bags of products during January and February is already deflating in March and that is very positive, said Carranza.