Personnel For Distribution In Bulgaria

The success is dependent on the sales area, particularly by the quality of the staff. A good ongoing sales is essential for any business. Both the use of CRM software is gaining at the acquisition of new customers, as also the care of the regulars here. In Bulgaria, it is however difficult to find qualified personnel, which is open to such new ways. The entry into a new market is always an exciting task. Coming between the home base of a company and the country that would like to open this up for its products and services, plus a greater cultural barrier, the demands on staff employed increase significantly. Because of the new employees must identify with the culture of the company, as well as with its customers. This simple logic in particular applies in areas such as sales.

Because here, in many cases, an established trust relationship between supplier and customer decides on the duration and intensity of the business relationship. Bulgaria is joined in 2007 of the EU and no one will deny the country in South-East of Europe that it is European. Compare with Germany but the mentality differences are significant. This must be taken into account in the recruitment in Bulgaria. Sales staff then bring the best services if it allows them freedom – and thus renounces control. So important is that already in the selection of new employees for the sales in Bulgaria, whether Bulgarians or expats, now on their qualification, but above all to ensure their motivation. To do this, the involvement of a specialized personnel consultancy is, who knows the local conditions.

And also Bulgarian companies that reach often no longer sufficiently qualified applicants on their job postings, access to external service providers, in particular when it comes to the cast of highly qualified key positions in sales, it is in Bulgaria without an in-depth knowledge of the market very difficult, from the relatively manageable range of personnel, to the It is available to be able to fill a vacancy. And if then still mastering a specific CRM software requirements be included in the job profile, then the complexity of recruitment is increasing again and competent support is inevitable. Although the described problems in other countries such as Germany are visible. The Bulgarian labour market is however not in Western European countries to compare – highly qualified and motivated specialists and executives are rar sowed. And many “high potentials” also pulled it in the past in other countries. The search can prove in circumstances so very difficult.