Parenting Perception

Human perception of the world – an important component of its essence. It is generally accepted that it depends only on the physical senses. This is misleading. Clairvoyance, telepathy, for example, do not depend on the senses. Native American and Siberian shamans can adjust itself to the perception of the animal world, the perception of the appropriate animal totems. And what the senses help us to just instantly feel good or bad people who met us? Perception – is purely energetic process. The fact is that literally everything, if expanded to the base, consists of energy that carry their information – the vibration.

The man is of the same energies, and the world. The ability to adjust the vibration of their energy centers for a certain range of external energy and determines the ability to perceive information about the world that goes beyond capabilities of the senses. This opportunity given him by nature. The man – the essence of magic! A child is born able to take advantage of this gift, but we told him at once begin to impose their own, well-established, far from right, looks on life, lends thus the perception of the child, then the block, as they now call it, over-capacity. I'm sure you want your child has some extraordinary abilities. So let's help him. Importantly, do not persuade him if he tells you strange things on your mind, like, what he knows, sees, hears, feels something that does not fit in your head.

Encourage his interest in the paranormal phenomenon. Remember that the world around you is not is as you perceive it. I understand that direct the process of expansion of perception and consciousness of the child is an impossible task for many. It's like learning to take someone to solve integral equations, possessing only a rudimentary understanding of arithmetic. Therefore, your task is not to interfere with, imposing their views, and lightly push the child in the right direction, fueling his interest in unknown.