It creates folders in your directory, keeps the URL from your sites preferred in the lapel ” favoritos” of your finder. In the same way, it classifies emails in your account by subject or guardalos in folder with names easy to remember. 6 – It plans: Trazate I put, plans to short, medium and long term.

Specific that you wish to obtain from your work and as soon as time, that will help you to have more clarity in the steps that you are giving, will assure your course giving him direction and it will allow to draw up prognoses you or to project on the future. 7 – Apasionate but you are not hopeless. Perhaps this it would have to appear as the first point, because without passion it is impossible to do nothing. The passion by your work, or around Internet or to any other activity, is the motor that it pushes to you forwards. For that reason, oxignate, rests, permitele to your mind to generate new ideas, you are not complicated too much and undertakes with force! Successes ! Lic..