Both the brave and the cowards are afraid, the difference is that the brave Act, even with fear, while the cowards are blocked, because of the fear. Osho poses to fear as a mechanism of the mind and to overcome, we must learn to pull ourselves out of the mechanisms. Dr. Mark Hyman has many thoughts on the issue. Fear is in our mind and our mind is nothing more than all the constraints that other us have been imposed throughout our lives. This book is a guide to spiritual teaches us to know our fears, to analyze them and expand them to reach to their origins and thus be able to reprogramarlos to achieve inner peace and true self-knowledge. Includes CD with guided meditation. The only way to get rid of any fear is to dig deep into what causes fear. If someone comes to me and tells me: I’m afraid of the dark, I always suggest you the following: the only way is to penetrate into the dark night, sitting alone under a tree outside the city. It trembles! Transpires, get nervous, but stay there sitting! How long can you tremble? Little by little, things are settled.

The heart starts beating normally and suddenly you’ll realize that the darkness is not so threatening. And little by little you will take awareness of the beauty of darkness, which only the darkness can contain: depth, silence, velvety touch, calm, the music of the dark night, insects, harmony. And slowly, as disappear fear, you will be surprised to see that the darkness is not so dark, that it possesses an own bright light may not be so mysterious as the dark. The light is prosaic; poetic darkness. The light is naked, and then, how long can interest you? But the darkness is veiled, arouses great interest, curiosity, and you want to reveal it. Osho, tells us there is only one thing which you should fear and is the same fear. Fear to fear and nothing more, because fear paralyzes, poisons and kills. Shake, escapes! Do whatever, but don’t get used to living with fear because it is a negative situation.